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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Nails xoxo

Hey lovely followers :) hope your all doing well.

So its CHRISTMAS :D and well i couldnt resist doing some Christmas nails, as with all my nail designs i look around on the internet to get some ideas and i found LOADS of designs!!!!! so here is my try. . .
Nail 1. Santa's jacket! I used Mua nail polish for the red then Rimmel white and Models Own black nail art pen, I then used the nail art pen that Fxnailz sent to me and made a lil blog for the best buckle, which is hard to see i know but my camara on my phone is well. . . poop lol.

Nail 2. Is a Christmas pudding! I used models own for the base then Rimmel for the white as the icing, I then got a lil bit of green glitter and dabbed it on the nail in 2 places, in the middle i dabbed abit of red to make the holly.

Nail 3. My personal fav is Rudolph! I used a Rimmel white for the base colour then Models Own for the body, i also used a Models Own black nail art pen and a tiny dab of MUA red polish for his nose.

Nail 4. Xmas Present! I used Models Own gold for the base colour then i used the nail art pen for the ribbon.

Nail 5. Christmas tree lights! I used a green glitter for the nail tip then done a wiggly line of black Models Own nail art pen to the corner of the nail with bits coming off i then got 4 different colours to use for the lights i went for green, yellow, red and purple :)

My next set of Xmas nails were harder to do purely because im left handed and i had to use my right hand (all nail polish fiends will understand how annoying this is as its even more harder to get the design just right)
Nail 1. Glittery red and silver! I used a red glitter for the base then using my silver nail art pen i drew some Diagonal lines going across the nail.

Nail 2. Red polker dots! i just used MUA red nail polish then dotted around some white dots using Rimmel polish.

Nail 3. Frosty the snowman! I used Models Own green for the base colour then using my white polish i done 3 circles to make the snow man and my black nail art pen for the buttons and the facial features.

Nail 4. Candy canes! I used Models Own brown for the base coat then draw a candy cane using my black nail art pen and put a few white dots on there i then also sprinkled abit of white glitter over the top but its very hard to see with my camara.

Nail 5. Personalized stocking! I used the white for the base colour then my red to make the stocking i then used my silver nails art pen to do a little 'L' for Lucy on the stocking.

The colours i used can be changed for anything really just use your imagination :) put your own twist on them thats what i did! my Favourite has to be the Rudolphs though i love them and think il be having them on my nails on xmas day!! Why dont you give them a try and let me know how you get on id LOVE to see any of your Xmas designs :)
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you have a lovely day and get very spoilt ;)
stay beautiful
mwah xoxo

Thursday, 8 December 2011

FX Nails. . . My New Fav Colour :)

Hey guys im soooo sorry i havent been blooging much recently but really have been having a crappy time lately, anyway this blog post is on the lovely FX nailz i was lucky enough to be sent out some of there beautiful polishes so here is my review. . .
The 1st 2 are from there 'Fickles' range they dont have names so im just going to say green and purple(ish) lol  the 3rd one is called 'Chameleon' and the last one is a nail art pen in silver! The cool thing about these polishes are the fact there ALL heat sensitive so they change colour, very clever :)
This is the Green colour from the Fickles range and i have done 2 colours here, its VERY subtle and goes on really nicely i think 3 coats of this would look lovely it changes from Shimmering green TO lime :)
This is the purple(ish) one but when it goes on it looks more pink, i LOVE this one the glitter looks sooo much better in person and i even think this would look nice over another colour, out of the 2 fickles i would choose this one its really girly and sparkly it changes from pink TO silver  :) 
Now this is my new fav colour its called Chameleon and looks purple UNTIL you go out in the sun!!!! it turns like a bronzy orangey colour and looks devine! This is with 2 coats which u defo need 1 coat isnt enough, it goes on really smoothly and dries quite quickly :) 

This is the Chameleon with silver dots on i love the 2 colours together they go really well :)
Im loving FX Nailz! The Fickles are £4.50 each which is quite reasonable at the moment its free delivery :) They also do Funky gift sets which have all sorts of lovely girly things in they are £16.00 with free P&P this is the link to there website so you can go and check them out for yourself also u can follow them on twitter!/FXNailz for all the latest gossip and offers.

Hope all you lovely followers are well and once again i am sorry for the longggggggg wait on another blog post il try not to leave it so long next time and my next blog post will be on the amazing MUdDZ as i have been very naughty and ordered some Wellies for myself, lets just call it a gift from me to me haha!
stay beautiful girls MWAH xoxoxox

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Heads Just Not Been In It. . .

Im so sorry all my lovely blog followers i have not done a post in a very long time, its been a tough couple of weeks and my heart just hasnt been in it. Iv had flu aswel which wasnt pleasant as you can imagine LOL There was nothing beautiful about that i can assure you haha!
Times are tough for everyone at the moment and sometimes it just becomes to much, so you have to try and forget everything and take some time for YOU!!!
What relaxes me the most is a lovely face mask (i use an avon face mask which looks just like clay but works lovely) a lovely hot chocolate (galaxy) with marshmallows on top YUMMY!!!! Then i put a good film on and snuggle up in bed. It doesnt solve anything but it certainly makes you feel alot better!
So next time your feeling abit crappy id recommend all of the above :)
My next Blog post will be on FX  Nails!/FXNailz :) stay beautiful girls and give yourself a break once in a while ;) xoxoxox

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My New Bling Phone Case :)

Hey girlys and maybe a few boys lol hope your all well and have enjoyed the Halloween weekend :)
I was extremely lucky to win this gorgeous phone case from a lovely lady on twitter @sophie_mais!/Sophie_Mais <<< her twitter page please follow her :) i chose clear diamantes with pink lettering :) a girl has to have abit of pink in her life, i was aloud to chose any design so i thought i would just go with my name as it makes it more personal to me and i love the personal touch :)
We all know by now that i love sparkle and bling so theres no way my phone could be without bling for too long, im so pleased i won this as i would never have been able to afford something so beautiful to jazz my phone up with!!!! <<< for more of her gorgeous phone cases and other delights here's her website also this is her facebook page >>>
stay beautiful lovely's mwah xoxoxox

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Nails :)

im going to a Halloween party on Saturday so wanted to make a statement with my nails! im going as a zombie school girl, so aswel as finding nails for myself im also doing my cousins nails, shes going as a spider!!
Along with me and my cousin im doing my cousins cousins nails (stay with me here, read it slow haha) there going as a vampire and a mummy, so this is some of the nails i came up with. . . .

I think my fav ones are the Frankenstein the ghost face and the spiders web with little clear diamontes on (you cant really see the diamontes in this pic but there defo there)
Its so much fun to do if you got some spare time on your hands, i could have kept going for ages my mind was full of ideas!!
Now im looking forward to doing my xmas nails, i wonder what il come up with this year last year i done some snow men they went down really well :)
please let me know if you have done any Halloween nails this year i would love to see them :) stay beautiful (but scary) girls ;) xoxoxox

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Us Girl's Should Stick Together. . . So im hearing reports that Sam and Billie Faiers from TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) have been beaten up and attacked outside a busy night club by 10 nasty girls! What is wrong with this country/world? us girls should stick together not go about calling each other slags and beating each other to death!!!! I have heard that they only stopped beating Sam up because they thought she was dead!!?!?!? WTF seriously who are these nasty JEL girls who done this?! The reason i dont go out is because of this exact reason, you can just look at someone in the wrong way without even knowing it and your likely to get attacked! Most girls these days cant help but cause trouble and fight i dont think there are many LADIES about anymore, girls would rather go out get drunk beat some poor defenseless girl up and have sex with random men! I know your probably thinking im over reacting but every weekend i hear of someone getting attacked or killed near me and it has to stop, Theres so much hate in this world  us as a country should stick together,What have they gained from doing this?! NOTHING!! i hope they find the nasty Girls who did this and they get some karma for what they did!

I know this isnt anything to do with beautiful things, far from it but i had to write about this as its really got to me, stay beautiful girls and stick together xoxoxox

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Aww My Cute New Bracelet :)

how cute is this bracelet from Pozie :)!/_Pozie <<< twitter page!!! <<< facebook page i was sent this a couple weeks ago and i absolutely adore it :D i love hearts and bling and this is right down my street
You can wear it with anything thats what i love the most about it :) Its simple but stands out!!
so give her a follow girlies and see what other things she has to offer :D mwah stay beautiful xoxoxox

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Celeb Nails Again :)

I have done a previous post on my lovely friend Kats nails that i done for her not long ago, well she asked me to do them for her again today and this time she wanted GLITTER which is my fav to do as i think they look better than just normal polish! BUT of course she cant just be normal and have one colour glitter on her nails she has to have a different glitter for EVERY nail haha! so we went with blue, gold, green, pink and silver (pretty much all the colour's i own lol)
She wasnt keen on the blue glitter but i absolutely love the blue colour! 

Anyway heres the best bit of it all shes going to be on Big brothers bit on the side next Sunday and she has asked me to do her nails for then!!!!!! Im so excited my nails are going to be on TV, so please tune in to see if you can see them im hoping she has the glitter again as it really does stand out! We have to see what outfit shes going to wear before we decide on the colour of her nails for the show!
Hope you have enjoyed reading this post stay sparkly girls xoxoxox

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Snow Is On It's Way, So Lets Sparkle With MUdDZ ;)

First off im going to say i LOVE winter i love all the snuggly nights with hot chocolate and warm pj's and slippers, i love to snuggle up at night in my duvet and i prefer the fashion for winter (can hide my fat abit more hehe) i dislike summer massively but lets not get me started on that :) So anyway going back to the fashion id like to all tell you about the fabulous MUdDZ, they really do the most amazing wellies i have ever personally seen! We all know i love sprakly things and MUdDZ are as sparkly as they come!!! Im not the only one who loves MUdDZ there a HUGE hit in the celeb world and have been seen on many celebs including Amy Childs, Denise Van Outen, Cher Llyod, Rebecca Ferguson, Chloe Simms and many many more :)
2 of the X Factor contestants Cher and Rebecca rocking there MUdDZ

Chloe Simms, Billie Faiers and Una Healy all looking AMAZING in there MUdDZ! Even in summer there ideal ESPECIALLY for festivals :D

Just 2 of my fav MUdDZ boots (i will own a pair of these amazing boots one day they are fantastic) they have also now made wellies with heels on them how sexy and glam :) with Xmas round the corner and talk of snow at the end of the month nows the time to get some of these bad boys ;)  
If you would like to see more of these amazing boots then please check out the website i guarantee you will love them all prices start from around £40.00 theres also a 2 week sale on at the moment so HURRY UP what you waiting for :) also you can give them a follow on twitter!/MUdDZ_SPARKLE and like there page on facebook for all the latest gossip and deals
I really hope you have enjoyed this blog post, Stay sparkly girls mwah xoxoxox

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cats Eyes ;)

The other day i woke up to a fantabulous (made that word up haha) email from Maybelline telling me i had won there comp!!! I was sooooo excited to find out i won there amazing new mascara 'Colossal Cat Eye's' its £7.99 in Boots at the moment or 2 for £12 :) I was really chuffed as im really running low on mascara and it was just what i needed!!! Anyway I must say its one of the best mascara's iv used in a LONG time!!! its amazing really does bring out your eyes, the brush is curved instead if straight which i must say i much prefer :) I will defo be buying this again once this one runs out as i fricking love it! It separates the lashes beautifully and really does make them look longer, also you only need a few coats, usually im there for about 15/20 mins doing my mascara so that it looks just right and thick enough but with Colossal i only took about 5 mins :)
Unless i find a mascara that matches up to this one il be sticking with Colossal Cat Eyes for a while as its reasonably priced too! You cant be long thick lashes they look super sexy ;) mwah xoxoxoxoxox

Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Gorgeous Personalized Power Couture Bag :D

Im soooo sorry lovely's iv had such a bad week and my mind really hasnt been up to blogging :( BUT im back :D and id love to show you my new bag from Power Couture. . .

Im actually inlove with it :) its so pretty and really handy for when i pop to the shop and its soooo sparkly it doesnt show just how sparkly it is in the picture to be honest! I love the girly skull and cross bones with the little pink bows at the top and of course my name on it :)

I found Power Couture on twitter (of course haha)!/powercouture and i love all her bags there all so different and really lovely to have for yourself or give as a present! Dont forget Xmas is creeping up on us so heres an idea for you :) you can have any designs you want just ask her prices start from around £15 heres her Facebook page so you can have a nosey at all her bags and Jewellery (didnt mention she done jewellery to did i?! oopps my bad lol) hope your all well followers and catch ya soon!!! I wont be gone aslong next time i promise mwah xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ohhhhhhh So Sparkly ;)

I love sparkle and gitter im just drawn to it i cant help myself lol. . . Anyway last night i was having a look through one of my many nail boxes and look what i found

8 Glitter pots and a little pink sachet of glitter dust! I was so pleased because i was going to look on ebay for some more as iv got 1 pot of glitter dust and it makes my nails look AMAZING

My nails are abit poop at the moment and the camara doesnt really show how sparkly they are but they really make a statement! How to do these nails:
1) File your nails till there the shape you want them.
2) Push your cuticles back so they dont get in the way ;)
3) Then use a silver nail polish i used Models own 'Sterling Silver'
4) Paint 1 nail then before it dry's sprinkle the glitter over the nail, the best thing to use is a paint brush, dip the brush in the glitter pot and tap it over the nail, once done then do the same with the remaining nails.
5) Then apply a thin layer of top coat i used Beauty UK 2 in 1 top coat
6) Once you have completed all the nails then wait for them to dry and wash your hands under cool water and pat dry (this does get very messy so make sure you put paper under your hands whilst doing it)
I used my practice nails to try out the new glitters i found (dont know how i forgot about them)

As i said before the picture doesnt show them very well but the next couple of pictures you will see just how much they sparkle :D 

The blue glitter is by far my FAV glitter dust of them all!! AMAZING :)

See how sparkly they are when the light hits them!!!! If your looking for something different to do with your nails then i would defiantly recommend getting some glitter dust you can get the pots off ebay for about 99p and they do last ages :) Im so sorry for the poor condition of my pictures but i think you get the point :) hope u have enjoyed reading this post, Stay sparkly guys ;) xxxxx

Monday, 3 October 2011

Emz Gemz are Fab :D

Look at theseeeeee how cute and pretty :D they were given to me by the Gorgeous Emma at Gemz by Emz!!! I love them so much as there made by hand which makes it even more special so you know your getting something Extra unique!!! I dont like wearing things that EVERYONE else has its nice to have something that no one else can have! These come in all sorts of different colours including purple, blue and green! But if earrings are not really your thing she does the most gorgeous bracelets and necklaces, just look at this one. . .

Perfect for anyone who loves Music like myself this is only £10.99 its gorgeous and really different, another one of her bracelets i love is this one . . . .

i love it sooooo much 'You Hold The Key To My Heart' theres so much on this charm bracelet which i think makes me love it even more it REALLY stands out and its only £13.99 :)

Another thing she makes are watches but there watches with a difference of course :) they are bracelet watches and you can personalise them to your taste u can have your name on them too. . . .

This one is £12.99 i love it because its so girly and sparkly :D
This one is the name one and its only £12.00!!!! you really cant go wrong!!!
shes now making jewellery for a certain hollyoaks girl ;) and i suspect she will be making plenty more for celebs and will be seeing her designs in magazines soon :D if you are interested in any of Emma's designs then please follow her on twitter:!/GemzByEmz or add her Facebook page she also has a new website :) happy shopping girlies, stay beautiful mwah xxxxxxx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Angel Candy Boutique xoxo

sparkly things and things that glitter have a huge place in my heart haha so i introduce to you my friends little crystallizing business Angel Candy Boutique :) she does all sorts of little things from car air fresheners (see above picture only £5) a perfect gift for any girl who loves pretty things ;) to fully crystallized shoes! Iv known Charlotte for a while now on twitter!/AngelCandyB shes been doing a clothing range called Angel2Diva for some time now, i must say the clothes she sells are gorgeous and soooooo sexy ;) and has only recently started to do crystallization,  <<< her facebook page :) i have alot of twitter friends who own these types of businesses and most of them are sweet enough to help each other out and not bitch about one another Charlotte has been so lovely i feel i should do a post on her not just because she has been an amazing friend to me recently but because she really is very talented :) So heres a few of the things she does. . . . .Childrens shoes starting from just £10.00

How cute are these :) 
She can also crystallize Ipad cases for £50 and phone case starting from £15  

I cant stand my phone being without a case it looks soooo ugly :/ 
Last but not least she crystallizes adult shoes starting from just £25!!!! Heres a sneak peek of some shoes she done recently 

sooooo pretty :D 

so yes if you would like any more info on Angel Candy Boutique then please dont hesitate to ask me or follow her on twitter shes also doing a comp on her twitter page and facebook page very soon so you could win yourself something sparkly so get liking and following :) stay sparkly girls ;) xxxxxx

Friday, 30 September 2011

I Hate To Hate But. . .

I dont really like to write negative things on here but i feel i should let people know my opinion on boots No.7 nail polish. Me and my cousin were in boots and she got given one of them vouchers giving you £5 off any No.7 products and bless her she gave it to me as she knows how much i love make up hehe :P anyway i wondered over to the No.7 counter and was having a good look when i found a lovely brown nail polish called 'Beanie' it was £7 but with the voucher i only paid £2 (which im so glad of because i would have been peed if i paid full price for it) anyway i got home and removed my polish i had on and put this one on. . . . .  its rubbish it really is i used a thin layer and it just dribbled down to my cuticles so i had to get a cotton bud and remove the excess i then applied a second coat and the same thing happened so again i cleaned it up, within an hour it had already chipped (i like to see how the polish is without a top coat the 1st time i use a new one)  I hate chipped nails :( so i removed it the next day as i was so unhappy with it! Its a shame because the colour is really lovely! I hate to complain about things ESPECIALLY as i only paid £2 for it instead of £7 but i just dont like the fact that people pay out that sort of money and get a rubbish product, please do let me know if you have used it and think differently id love to hear from you, maybe its just me haha mwah xxxxx

Snazzy Ziplets xoxo

Unique jewellery always catches my eye, and Snazzy Ziplets is as unique as it gets!!! These little bueats are made by  a young lady called Yazmin, she came up with the idea after a uni project she had to do. The Ziplets are made out of zips and can be worn either zipped up or unzipped the thing i love the most about them is the little diamante's on them, we all know i LOVE abit of sparkle ;) please follow her on twitter!/SnazzyZiplets to see all the different colours available :) She also has a little sale on at the moment EVERYTHING £7.00 if ur not really into the ziplets she also makes other jewellery like charm bracelets and necklaces heres her website were you can see all the different kinds of things she makes :) Thanks for reading all and hope you have a fab weekend :) mwah xxxxx

Thursday, 29 September 2011

MUA Cosmetics Yay or Nay?. . . . YAY ;)

As promised this is my review on MUA cosmetics :) Iv never actually owned any MUA make up before as every time iv gone out and bought make up i have never seen it but was told such good things about it by many people so thought id try my luck and ask them if they could send me any free samples to review (was thinking maybe an eyeshadow or something small like that)but to my surprise they sent me loads of there amazing new products to test out and OMG they really are fantastic, i decided to look on there website to see how many different kinds of products they have and they have hundreds of amazing different types of make up here is the link to there website i would defo recommend you check it out because they have a new £1 make up range and free delivery, how fab is that?! :D anyway here is my review.
This is a swatch of 3 colour's from Pretty Pastels Palette, i love pastel colour's especially in the summer they always look so pretty and this eye-shadow goes on really well very subtle but makes eyes look gorgeous :) 
This is the swatch from there new eXtreme Metallics collection this one is called 'Glammed Up' i LOVE the pigments in the metallics range the silver colour is gorgeous, you can really make a statement with these colour's and i LOVE statement eyes ;) 
 This one is the eXtreme Metallic 'Smokin' eye-shadow pallet my fav colour in this one is the blue one (2nd along) really stands out and goes on really nicely!! :) 
Last from the eXtreme Metallics range i received is called 'Starstruck' like the others i love this pallet, i tried the pink colour with the brown in the corners and it looked beautiful, a bit like a smokey eye but subtle anyone can pull it off :) 

This next set of swatches are from the Trio pallet's, i LOVE these ones because on the back of each pallet are some instructions of were to put each colour to give u amazing eyes. . . .
This one is a swatch from the 'Chocolate Box' Trio pallet they blend sooooo nicely, this is by far my fav colour combo i love doing smokey eyes and i think brown is the best colour to use to get the best effect without being too over the top :) 

This is the 'Passion' Trio pallet the pigments are amazing with these eye-shadows, if your looking for a brighter kind of smokey eye then this is the pallet i would recommend :)

The 2 other Trio pallets i got are 'Blue Babe' and 'Eden' both just as gorgeous as the 2 shown :)

Now moving on to some nail polish they sent me, as we all know by now im a nail polish fiend so i was really chuffed to have received 2 of there new Crackle range which is called 'Nail Quake' i got a pink colour called 'Shiver' and a silver colour called 'Shattered Ice' now iv tried ALOT of different crackle effect nail polishes and the MUA ones are by far the best iv tried they go on really smoothly and don't go clumpy and the effect you get is much better than most others iv tried  :)
I tried them both over the same base colour and the pink one looks wicked with it but i would suggest using a much darker colour with the silver as u cant really see it over the light blue, i would recommend maybe dark purple and silver crackle i think that would look amazing :) 

Im sorry i haven't done price ranges on here but as i was sent them im unsure but you can check them out yourself on the website i gave up the top, they really are not an expensive make up brand but the quality your getting is top notch ;) From now on when im searching for make up i will be looking straight for the MUA counter i have not tried there mascara or foundation BUT if there anything like there other make up they will be fantastic. Thanks again MUA cosmetics for sending me this make up i love it (and so does my mummy lol)
I really hope you enjoyed my review please let me know if you have tried any MUA cosmetics before i would love to hear your thoughts on it :) heres the link to there facebook page and heres there twitter page!/MUAcosmetics :) stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lovely Unique Gift :) xoxo

I think these bikini's are the cutest personalized bikini's iv seen :D I dont know about you but when im on holiday i always check out girls bikini's and think most of them look the same :/ but with 1 of a kind bikini's!/bjazzleboutique you will never have that problem there all so different and you can order them to your taste!!! :) i asked the owner Emma why she started doing this as a business and here is what she had to say:

I have been adding diamantes, appliques, bows and extra beads to my own bikinis for years now as I hate boring bikinis and also I had been on a few holidays were people had on the same bikini as me ( very embarrasing lol) I have sat round the pool boring my partner by pointing out everyone and letting him know where there bikini is from...primark/river island/next...well you catch my drift..

I had lots of compliments off my friends on my bikinis when they were looking at my holiday photos and when they were going away they would bring there bikinis to me and ask me to "pimp" them up. I really love coming up with ideas and colour schemes for them I was always offered money but as you do with friends I never took any.

I was doing this for a while when one of my friends suggested that I try to do them to sell. At the moment we are currently trying to save £5'000 to fund our 3rd ivf cycle so I thought that it was not a bad idea and id give it a go.

I made a facebook page brydi bjazzle bikinis, put the bikinis on my ebay to sell and then made a twitter account to try and get noticed.

I wanted to design bikinis that would stand out and that nobody else would have ( as I have never made the same bikini twice) My designs range from bikinis with lots of bling some cute ones and some sexy ones. I use appliques of different sorts I add beads, bows, crystals and diamantes and all bikinis can be personalised if customer asks.

I wanted to make my bikinis affordable for everyone so my prices range from £35 to £40 whicch is not bad for a total one of a kind unique item.

what made me want to do this blog post on 1 of a kind bikini's the most is because this young girl is doing this to help raise some money so she can become a mummy and i will do anything to help her with this :') shes an amazing woman and if your thinking of getting your friend or family member a little gift then a personalized bikini would go down fantastically :) 
This by far is my fav Bikini she does :D VERY sexy ;)

so please check out her twitter page (see above) and her facebook page for more of these amazing sexy bikini's ;) as always i hope you enjoyed this blog post :) stay beautiful mwah xxxxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Grease Be Gone. . .

Before. . . 
After :)
So i was extremely lucky to get sent out to me these 2 Batiste products, (available from superdrug for only £1.45 at the moment original price is £2.99) one is a hint of colour medium & brunette and the other is a hint of colour dark & deep brown. I recently done a blog post on Swarzkopft got2b rockin it dry shampoo and as i said i thought it was AMAZING, but this one is better purely because its available for darker hair types which means it is a brown powder instead of a white which makes such a difference, you really cant tell that its on apart from the fact you no longer have greasy looking hair lol, i really would recommend this to anyone with darker hair!!! So sorry for the poor picture but u can tell the difference it makes, i used the dark & deep brown one as my hair is quite dark but the medium one works just as fabulously :) im ready to rock another day ;) mwah xxxxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Its All About The Glossy Lips xoxo

As we all know by now im slightly obsessed with Models Own products, most of what i own of there's is nail polishes but i do own a lot of make-up and make-up brushes (best make-up brushes iv owned) and this Models Own lip gloss which is called 'Ballet Pink' is so scrumptious makes my lips so shiny as you can see from the picture :) pretty much everytime i wear this gloss i get complements on it :) i would defo recommend it if your looking for a really shiny looking gloss also it stays on for quite a while (which most glosses i find don't)  hope you have enjoyed this post and as always stay beautiful mwah xxxxx