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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Us Girl's Should Stick Together. . . So im hearing reports that Sam and Billie Faiers from TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) have been beaten up and attacked outside a busy night club by 10 nasty girls! What is wrong with this country/world? us girls should stick together not go about calling each other slags and beating each other to death!!!! I have heard that they only stopped beating Sam up because they thought she was dead!!?!?!? WTF seriously who are these nasty JEL girls who done this?! The reason i dont go out is because of this exact reason, you can just look at someone in the wrong way without even knowing it and your likely to get attacked! Most girls these days cant help but cause trouble and fight i dont think there are many LADIES about anymore, girls would rather go out get drunk beat some poor defenseless girl up and have sex with random men! I know your probably thinking im over reacting but every weekend i hear of someone getting attacked or killed near me and it has to stop, Theres so much hate in this world  us as a country should stick together,What have they gained from doing this?! NOTHING!! i hope they find the nasty Girls who did this and they get some karma for what they did!

I know this isnt anything to do with beautiful things, far from it but i had to write about this as its really got to me, stay beautiful girls and stick together xoxoxox

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