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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Angel Candy Boutique xoxo

sparkly things and things that glitter have a huge place in my heart haha so i introduce to you my friends little crystallizing business Angel Candy Boutique :) she does all sorts of little things from car air fresheners (see above picture only £5) a perfect gift for any girl who loves pretty things ;) to fully crystallized shoes! Iv known Charlotte for a while now on twitter!/AngelCandyB shes been doing a clothing range called Angel2Diva for some time now, i must say the clothes she sells are gorgeous and soooooo sexy ;) and has only recently started to do crystallization,  <<< her facebook page :) i have alot of twitter friends who own these types of businesses and most of them are sweet enough to help each other out and not bitch about one another Charlotte has been so lovely i feel i should do a post on her not just because she has been an amazing friend to me recently but because she really is very talented :) So heres a few of the things she does. . . . .Childrens shoes starting from just £10.00

How cute are these :) 
She can also crystallize Ipad cases for £50 and phone case starting from £15  

I cant stand my phone being without a case it looks soooo ugly :/ 
Last but not least she crystallizes adult shoes starting from just £25!!!! Heres a sneak peek of some shoes she done recently 

sooooo pretty :D 

so yes if you would like any more info on Angel Candy Boutique then please dont hesitate to ask me or follow her on twitter shes also doing a comp on her twitter page and facebook page very soon so you could win yourself something sparkly so get liking and following :) stay sparkly girls ;) xxxxxx

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