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Friday, 23 March 2012

Every Girl Needs A Izanagi Dress ;)

Hey beautiful peeps :)
Hope your all well and enjoying the warm weather!!!
I have come across a FABULOUS Fashion designer I wanted to share with you all his name is Danny and he is the owner of Izanagi Fashion, now I came across this lovely man on Twitter and he really is a sweetheart and has amazing talent, just look at these gorgeous dresses
This one is a Black Drape Dress and its on sale for only £25.00!!!! (fab little black dress)
Another gorgeous little black dress unfortunately the black is out of stock at the moment but its available in Red for £30.00 :)
 I love this dress its simple but ultra sexy available on sale for only £40.00!!!

This is my fav dress!!!! :P I LOVE the ruffle detail on the bottom and the cut of it, Its on sale for only £40.00 and available in Orange and Purple (purple is my fav i think)

Now this is such a sexy dress its a 1 armed dress and its stunning I love the Khaki colour and cut out bit at the cleveage, its not too much and keeps it elegant but at the same time VERY sexy! This one is available for £40.00
Not only does he do dresses he also does this very unique 'hoody'
You can get it for £25.00 in the sale sizes range from 6-14 in the zipper hoody but the dresses come in sizes 6-18 which is fab for the more curvy girls like myself!!!
Im going to be honest with you and say i don't usually wear dresses, not because I don't like them but because I feel like im too big to wear them (if that make's sense lol) I always see such stunning dresses about and think to myself how much i would love to wear them and Izanagi's dresses are some of my fav to date!!! I absolutely love these dresses and I honestly do think they would love lovely on all shapes and sizes!!! While the sales on girls id hurry up and get yourself an Izanagi piece to show off ;) But that's another great thing about Izanagi Fashion its affordable, you wont break the bank but you will look amazing and stylish :)
For all you girls out there who have a partner then Izanagi are soon to be releasing a fab new men's range so you can kit your fella out too ;)
Follow Izanagi Fashion on Twitter to find out more about his fab piece's and when the men's range will be available:!/Izanagi_Fashion!/izanagiPR
Also you can like his Facebook page:
And if your interested in buying any of his fab designs then check them out here on his website:
Thanks for reading everyone and hope you enjoy your weekend :)
Stay beautiful

Friday, 16 March 2012

Pet's Leave Paw Print's On Your Heart xoxo

This is my lovely dog Tye snuggling up to my nephews teddy haha, the reason im writing this post is because i want everyone to know about my lovely dog :) She's been with me since i was about 8yrs old!!!! We got her from Battersea dogs home when she was about 2/3 they were not too sure about her age, She was bought in by a young couple who said they couldn't look after her as they were out ALL the time she was kept in a box room all day and all night bless her, in my opinion they lost out on the BEST dog in the world, but im bloody glad they did give her up!! She has been sooooo good never messed in the house (unless shes had a bad belly) but even then its by the back door!!!
Shes never eaten any of my shoes (unlike my other doggy Coco) shes never chewed up any furniture either, all in all shes fantastic!! I decided to write this blog lastnight as it made me sad because shes now almost completely deaf and is going blind :'( Its hard work looking after a doggy who is deaf i have now started doing sort of sign language to her haha which she has picked up well :P she hears high pitched noises so shes not completely deaf which is good but now when im calling her i feel like im shouting at her telling her off!!!!!
I think if you have a pet you should spoil them and this dog is SPOILT like all my other pets, I have 3 cats (Flitty, Boobs and Gammy, yes i have a cat called boobs long story hahaha) 2 dogs (Tye and Coco) and 2 guinea pigs (Posh and Ginger) so I have a pretty full house lol but I wouldnt have it any other way :D
She sleeps on my bed like here ^^^ and she does get abit cold sometimes so she has a blanket (told u she is spoilt lol) she doesnt like to sleep on her own bless her :) She gets Christmas presents even from my neighbour and she gets a special dinner on her birthday which we have just put on the same day as my brother's as we dont know when she was born :) This dog is so special to us and even the other pets respect her shes like there mum, we used to have a cat called Casper who was very ill with diabetes and Tye would always look after him, it sounds stupid but unless you have pets you will understand that, if any other cat would go after Casper tye would chase after them it was really sweet :)
She doesnt really like young kids but she just stays away from them :)
about a year ago we got our other dog Coco and she didnt like him at all at first but I do believe he has kept her young she still runs about even though its a struggle for her sometimes, but before we got Coco she would just sleep all day lol! She has grown to love him they sleep together in the day but she will tell him when she has had enough of him haha!

Yep shes a cool dog with her hoody on ;) hehe
Anyway i just wanted to share my gorgeous doggy with you all, I will be doing more posts about my pets in the near future as they are beautiful to me :)
I couldnt imagine life without Tye, I know she doesnt have that long left in her which saddens me massively but the time we have had and will have I will never forget, im going to stop now as im getting emotional (geek lol)
Please let me know if you have a special pet or pets in your life I would love to hear about them :)
Here is the link to Battersea dogs home:
But getting a pet is a HUGE commitment you really must think before getting one as they take up all your time but they make life alot better :) I know if im down a cuddle with one of them makes me feel loads better :)
Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed this post

How Kind....

Hey gorgeous girlie's I hope your all well and have had a fab week :)
This post is about a lovely company who i met on twitter called Lacey's Gems, now iv been following her for quite some time and have loved the beautiful sparkly things she makes, you may remember a previous post about a gorgeous personalized bracelet she sent me

Here's the pictures just in-case you didn't see it ;) soooo pretty I think you will agree :P
Anyway as you may have read from a few previous posts I have been having an awful time! I spoke to a few of my Twitter followers about how I was feeling and they made me feel so much better just by showing they care (its like a little family on there for anyone who doesn't use it) I hadn't actually spoke to Michelle at Lacey's Gems but she must have seen some of my tweets to other followers because one day I woke up and found a little parcel at my door, I hadn't ordered anything or wasn't expecting anything so I was intrigued to see what is was, well Michelle had sent me some GORGEOUS earring's with a little note saying how she noticed I had been having a bad time and she sent me some earrings to try and cheer me up!!!!!!!
I couldn't actually believe it! Most people these days don't just do things out of the kindness of there heart, I was so chuffed I had a lil tear in my eye lol
The picture doesn't show them any justice as they are sooooo sparkly :)
As I said before i was so shocked to have got them, I want to thank Michelle for her kindness, I love them so much and they really did cheer me up massively :')
PLEASE give this lovely lady a follow on Twitter:!/LaceysGems
Like her page on Facebook:
And checkout her awesome website:
For more of her amazing jewellery and even her crystallizing service she now does :)
Thanks for reading
Stay beautiful girls

Monday, 12 March 2012

Guest Post By The Lovely Theodora From Red Hair And Black Nail Polish :)

Hey there! :) 
I'm Theodora from Red Hair and Black Nail Polish and I'm gonna take over Lucy's blog today :D First I wanna thank her for asking me to do this guest post, cause it was a lot of fun preparing it ;) Thank you so much!

When she asked me to do a guest post for her, I immediately knew that I had to use glitter for my manicure, because I know she loves it. I also wanted the manicure to be girly, so what do you do ? You use a gorgeous pink polish! :D And here it is: 
I used 2 coats of Flormar U24, which is one of my favorite pinks ever! I then added a coat of Essence Twins Glitter Topper - Carrie, which has small, big, round and square glitter. What more could you want? :P
I could have stopped right here, but I thought I could add something more to it. So I grabbed the Essence Tip Painter - Mysterious Black and painted some big squares.
I finished it all off with a TC and ta-da!

I hope you all liked it and thanks again Lucy for this opportunity!!

Thank you soooo much Theodora for this fab post :)
please girls check out her blog as it is one of the best i have seen her nail art is actually amazing
here is the link to her blog:
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as i did and if anyone is interested in doing a guest blog post on here then please get in touch you can send me an Email:
or follow me on Twitter: JuicyLucyCheal
Hope to hear from you soon :)

Bellus Jewellery XxX

Hey guys and dolls it has been a while but as you know from my previous post iv had a really rough time but today i am back to blogging and have some fab, pretty things to blog about :)
Now first of all i have to say sorry to the lovely Laura at Bellus Jewellery, she sent me out my gorgeous ring AGES ago and because of the problems i have been having i havent been able to blog about it and i feel so bad about that, although i know she understands and has been extreamly supportive so for that thank you hun :)
Anyway here is my gorgeous new ring from Laura at Bellus Jewellery
This picture was taken with my stunning new lighter from Miss Crystalize! sparkly ;)
I love it its really girly and it comes in loads of different colours
How gorgeous are these and the best part is there only £3.50 plus P&P. You can also get matching earrings
SOOOOO cute :') only £3.00 plus P&P. You can also jazz your hair up with some gorgeous hair clips
There so different i love them would be fantastic for a wedding don't you think?! :) Available for only £2.50 plus P&P!!! I love Bellus jewellery not just because her products are so cute and girly but there really affordable!!!
If you would like to have a look at her other products you can:
Follow her on Twitter:!/BellusJewellery
Or visit her Website:
There really is some lovely products available so would defo recommend having a look :)
Thanks for reading my lovelies :)
Have a lovely day

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Another Tough time...

So sorry my lovely followers i havent blogged for a while i have had the worst month lost 3 family members all within 24hrs and iv been extreamly down so i wasnt really up to blogging but i think im getting abit better now so will be doing blog posts on the following things very soon:

And other things but will let you know nearer the time :)
Hope u have all been keeping well, lots of love to you all
Thanks for following