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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Grease Be Gone. . .

Before. . . 
After :)
So i was extremely lucky to get sent out to me these 2 Batiste products, (available from superdrug for only £1.45 at the moment original price is £2.99) one is a hint of colour medium & brunette and the other is a hint of colour dark & deep brown. I recently done a blog post on Swarzkopft got2b rockin it dry shampoo and as i said i thought it was AMAZING, but this one is better purely because its available for darker hair types which means it is a brown powder instead of a white which makes such a difference, you really cant tell that its on apart from the fact you no longer have greasy looking hair lol, i really would recommend this to anyone with darker hair!!! So sorry for the poor picture but u can tell the difference it makes, i used the dark & deep brown one as my hair is quite dark but the medium one works just as fabulously :) im ready to rock another day ;) mwah xxxxx


  1. wow! it looks like freshly washed hair...amazing! and you can do nothing wrong with that price :)

  2. i know hun!!!! i get just the same results with the shwarzkopft one but theres much less rubbing in with this one as its not white lol!! usually can last another 2days when i use dry shampoo :) xxxx

  3. I live this its great they do it for dark hair im always conscious i have white hair with the original one lol xx

  4. haha same here hun and this one really does make such an amazing difference doesnt it and NO white hair lol :) xxxx