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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Nails xoxo

Hey lovely followers :) hope your all doing well.

So its CHRISTMAS :D and well i couldnt resist doing some Christmas nails, as with all my nail designs i look around on the internet to get some ideas and i found LOADS of designs!!!!! so here is my try. . .
Nail 1. Santa's jacket! I used Mua nail polish for the red then Rimmel white and Models Own black nail art pen, I then used the nail art pen that Fxnailz sent to me and made a lil blog for the best buckle, which is hard to see i know but my camara on my phone is well. . . poop lol.

Nail 2. Is a Christmas pudding! I used models own for the base then Rimmel for the white as the icing, I then got a lil bit of green glitter and dabbed it on the nail in 2 places, in the middle i dabbed abit of red to make the holly.

Nail 3. My personal fav is Rudolph! I used a Rimmel white for the base colour then Models Own for the body, i also used a Models Own black nail art pen and a tiny dab of MUA red polish for his nose.

Nail 4. Xmas Present! I used Models Own gold for the base colour then i used the nail art pen for the ribbon.

Nail 5. Christmas tree lights! I used a green glitter for the nail tip then done a wiggly line of black Models Own nail art pen to the corner of the nail with bits coming off i then got 4 different colours to use for the lights i went for green, yellow, red and purple :)

My next set of Xmas nails were harder to do purely because im left handed and i had to use my right hand (all nail polish fiends will understand how annoying this is as its even more harder to get the design just right)
Nail 1. Glittery red and silver! I used a red glitter for the base then using my silver nail art pen i drew some Diagonal lines going across the nail.

Nail 2. Red polker dots! i just used MUA red nail polish then dotted around some white dots using Rimmel polish.

Nail 3. Frosty the snowman! I used Models Own green for the base colour then using my white polish i done 3 circles to make the snow man and my black nail art pen for the buttons and the facial features.

Nail 4. Candy canes! I used Models Own brown for the base coat then draw a candy cane using my black nail art pen and put a few white dots on there i then also sprinkled abit of white glitter over the top but its very hard to see with my camara.

Nail 5. Personalized stocking! I used the white for the base colour then my red to make the stocking i then used my silver nails art pen to do a little 'L' for Lucy on the stocking.

The colours i used can be changed for anything really just use your imagination :) put your own twist on them thats what i did! my Favourite has to be the Rudolphs though i love them and think il be having them on my nails on xmas day!! Why dont you give them a try and let me know how you get on id LOVE to see any of your Xmas designs :)
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you have a lovely day and get very spoilt ;)
stay beautiful
mwah xoxo

Thursday, 8 December 2011

FX Nails. . . My New Fav Colour :)

Hey guys im soooo sorry i havent been blooging much recently but really have been having a crappy time lately, anyway this blog post is on the lovely FX nailz i was lucky enough to be sent out some of there beautiful polishes so here is my review. . .
The 1st 2 are from there 'Fickles' range they dont have names so im just going to say green and purple(ish) lol  the 3rd one is called 'Chameleon' and the last one is a nail art pen in silver! The cool thing about these polishes are the fact there ALL heat sensitive so they change colour, very clever :)
This is the Green colour from the Fickles range and i have done 2 colours here, its VERY subtle and goes on really nicely i think 3 coats of this would look lovely it changes from Shimmering green TO lime :)
This is the purple(ish) one but when it goes on it looks more pink, i LOVE this one the glitter looks sooo much better in person and i even think this would look nice over another colour, out of the 2 fickles i would choose this one its really girly and sparkly it changes from pink TO silver  :) 
Now this is my new fav colour its called Chameleon and looks purple UNTIL you go out in the sun!!!! it turns like a bronzy orangey colour and looks devine! This is with 2 coats which u defo need 1 coat isnt enough, it goes on really smoothly and dries quite quickly :) 

This is the Chameleon with silver dots on i love the 2 colours together they go really well :)
Im loving FX Nailz! The Fickles are £4.50 each which is quite reasonable at the moment its free delivery :) They also do Funky gift sets which have all sorts of lovely girly things in they are £16.00 with free P&P this is the link to there website so you can go and check them out for yourself also u can follow them on twitter!/FXNailz for all the latest gossip and offers.

Hope all you lovely followers are well and once again i am sorry for the longggggggg wait on another blog post il try not to leave it so long next time and my next blog post will be on the amazing MUdDZ as i have been very naughty and ordered some Wellies for myself, lets just call it a gift from me to me haha!
stay beautiful girls MWAH xoxoxox