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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Nails :)

im going to a Halloween party on Saturday so wanted to make a statement with my nails! im going as a zombie school girl, so aswel as finding nails for myself im also doing my cousins nails, shes going as a spider!!
Along with me and my cousin im doing my cousins cousins nails (stay with me here, read it slow haha) there going as a vampire and a mummy, so this is some of the nails i came up with. . . .

I think my fav ones are the Frankenstein the ghost face and the spiders web with little clear diamontes on (you cant really see the diamontes in this pic but there defo there)
Its so much fun to do if you got some spare time on your hands, i could have kept going for ages my mind was full of ideas!!
Now im looking forward to doing my xmas nails, i wonder what il come up with this year last year i done some snow men they went down really well :)
please let me know if you have done any Halloween nails this year i would love to see them :) stay beautiful (but scary) girls ;) xoxoxox

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Us Girl's Should Stick Together. . . So im hearing reports that Sam and Billie Faiers from TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) have been beaten up and attacked outside a busy night club by 10 nasty girls! What is wrong with this country/world? us girls should stick together not go about calling each other slags and beating each other to death!!!! I have heard that they only stopped beating Sam up because they thought she was dead!!?!?!? WTF seriously who are these nasty JEL girls who done this?! The reason i dont go out is because of this exact reason, you can just look at someone in the wrong way without even knowing it and your likely to get attacked! Most girls these days cant help but cause trouble and fight i dont think there are many LADIES about anymore, girls would rather go out get drunk beat some poor defenseless girl up and have sex with random men! I know your probably thinking im over reacting but every weekend i hear of someone getting attacked or killed near me and it has to stop, Theres so much hate in this world  us as a country should stick together,What have they gained from doing this?! NOTHING!! i hope they find the nasty Girls who did this and they get some karma for what they did!

I know this isnt anything to do with beautiful things, far from it but i had to write about this as its really got to me, stay beautiful girls and stick together xoxoxox

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Aww My Cute New Bracelet :)

how cute is this bracelet from Pozie :)!/_Pozie <<< twitter page!!! <<< facebook page i was sent this a couple weeks ago and i absolutely adore it :D i love hearts and bling and this is right down my street
You can wear it with anything thats what i love the most about it :) Its simple but stands out!!
so give her a follow girlies and see what other things she has to offer :D mwah stay beautiful xoxoxox

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Celeb Nails Again :)

I have done a previous post on my lovely friend Kats nails that i done for her not long ago, well she asked me to do them for her again today and this time she wanted GLITTER which is my fav to do as i think they look better than just normal polish! BUT of course she cant just be normal and have one colour glitter on her nails she has to have a different glitter for EVERY nail haha! so we went with blue, gold, green, pink and silver (pretty much all the colour's i own lol)
She wasnt keen on the blue glitter but i absolutely love the blue colour! 

Anyway heres the best bit of it all shes going to be on Big brothers bit on the side next Sunday and she has asked me to do her nails for then!!!!!! Im so excited my nails are going to be on TV, so please tune in to see if you can see them im hoping she has the glitter again as it really does stand out! We have to see what outfit shes going to wear before we decide on the colour of her nails for the show!
Hope you have enjoyed reading this post stay sparkly girls xoxoxox

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Snow Is On It's Way, So Lets Sparkle With MUdDZ ;)

First off im going to say i LOVE winter i love all the snuggly nights with hot chocolate and warm pj's and slippers, i love to snuggle up at night in my duvet and i prefer the fashion for winter (can hide my fat abit more hehe) i dislike summer massively but lets not get me started on that :) So anyway going back to the fashion id like to all tell you about the fabulous MUdDZ, they really do the most amazing wellies i have ever personally seen! We all know i love sprakly things and MUdDZ are as sparkly as they come!!! Im not the only one who loves MUdDZ there a HUGE hit in the celeb world and have been seen on many celebs including Amy Childs, Denise Van Outen, Cher Llyod, Rebecca Ferguson, Chloe Simms and many many more :)
2 of the X Factor contestants Cher and Rebecca rocking there MUdDZ

Chloe Simms, Billie Faiers and Una Healy all looking AMAZING in there MUdDZ! Even in summer there ideal ESPECIALLY for festivals :D

Just 2 of my fav MUdDZ boots (i will own a pair of these amazing boots one day they are fantastic) they have also now made wellies with heels on them how sexy and glam :) with Xmas round the corner and talk of snow at the end of the month nows the time to get some of these bad boys ;)  
If you would like to see more of these amazing boots then please check out the website i guarantee you will love them all prices start from around £40.00 theres also a 2 week sale on at the moment so HURRY UP what you waiting for :) also you can give them a follow on twitter!/MUdDZ_SPARKLE and like there page on facebook for all the latest gossip and deals
I really hope you have enjoyed this blog post, Stay sparkly girls mwah xoxoxox

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cats Eyes ;)

The other day i woke up to a fantabulous (made that word up haha) email from Maybelline telling me i had won there comp!!! I was sooooo excited to find out i won there amazing new mascara 'Colossal Cat Eye's' its £7.99 in Boots at the moment or 2 for £12 :) I was really chuffed as im really running low on mascara and it was just what i needed!!! Anyway I must say its one of the best mascara's iv used in a LONG time!!! its amazing really does bring out your eyes, the brush is curved instead if straight which i must say i much prefer :) I will defo be buying this again once this one runs out as i fricking love it! It separates the lashes beautifully and really does make them look longer, also you only need a few coats, usually im there for about 15/20 mins doing my mascara so that it looks just right and thick enough but with Colossal i only took about 5 mins :)
Unless i find a mascara that matches up to this one il be sticking with Colossal Cat Eyes for a while as its reasonably priced too! You cant be long thick lashes they look super sexy ;) mwah xoxoxoxoxox

Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Gorgeous Personalized Power Couture Bag :D

Im soooo sorry lovely's iv had such a bad week and my mind really hasnt been up to blogging :( BUT im back :D and id love to show you my new bag from Power Couture. . .

Im actually inlove with it :) its so pretty and really handy for when i pop to the shop and its soooo sparkly it doesnt show just how sparkly it is in the picture to be honest! I love the girly skull and cross bones with the little pink bows at the top and of course my name on it :)

I found Power Couture on twitter (of course haha)!/powercouture and i love all her bags there all so different and really lovely to have for yourself or give as a present! Dont forget Xmas is creeping up on us so heres an idea for you :) you can have any designs you want just ask her prices start from around £15 heres her Facebook page so you can have a nosey at all her bags and Jewellery (didnt mention she done jewellery to did i?! oopps my bad lol) hope your all well followers and catch ya soon!!! I wont be gone aslong next time i promise mwah xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ohhhhhhh So Sparkly ;)

I love sparkle and gitter im just drawn to it i cant help myself lol. . . Anyway last night i was having a look through one of my many nail boxes and look what i found

8 Glitter pots and a little pink sachet of glitter dust! I was so pleased because i was going to look on ebay for some more as iv got 1 pot of glitter dust and it makes my nails look AMAZING

My nails are abit poop at the moment and the camara doesnt really show how sparkly they are but they really make a statement! How to do these nails:
1) File your nails till there the shape you want them.
2) Push your cuticles back so they dont get in the way ;)
3) Then use a silver nail polish i used Models own 'Sterling Silver'
4) Paint 1 nail then before it dry's sprinkle the glitter over the nail, the best thing to use is a paint brush, dip the brush in the glitter pot and tap it over the nail, once done then do the same with the remaining nails.
5) Then apply a thin layer of top coat i used Beauty UK 2 in 1 top coat
6) Once you have completed all the nails then wait for them to dry and wash your hands under cool water and pat dry (this does get very messy so make sure you put paper under your hands whilst doing it)
I used my practice nails to try out the new glitters i found (dont know how i forgot about them)

As i said before the picture doesnt show them very well but the next couple of pictures you will see just how much they sparkle :D 

The blue glitter is by far my FAV glitter dust of them all!! AMAZING :)

See how sparkly they are when the light hits them!!!! If your looking for something different to do with your nails then i would defiantly recommend getting some glitter dust you can get the pots off ebay for about 99p and they do last ages :) Im so sorry for the poor condition of my pictures but i think you get the point :) hope u have enjoyed reading this post, Stay sparkly guys ;) xxxxx

Monday, 3 October 2011

Emz Gemz are Fab :D

Look at theseeeeee how cute and pretty :D they were given to me by the Gorgeous Emma at Gemz by Emz!!! I love them so much as there made by hand which makes it even more special so you know your getting something Extra unique!!! I dont like wearing things that EVERYONE else has its nice to have something that no one else can have! These come in all sorts of different colours including purple, blue and green! But if earrings are not really your thing she does the most gorgeous bracelets and necklaces, just look at this one. . .

Perfect for anyone who loves Music like myself this is only £10.99 its gorgeous and really different, another one of her bracelets i love is this one . . . .

i love it sooooo much 'You Hold The Key To My Heart' theres so much on this charm bracelet which i think makes me love it even more it REALLY stands out and its only £13.99 :)

Another thing she makes are watches but there watches with a difference of course :) they are bracelet watches and you can personalise them to your taste u can have your name on them too. . . .

This one is £12.99 i love it because its so girly and sparkly :D
This one is the name one and its only £12.00!!!! you really cant go wrong!!!
shes now making jewellery for a certain hollyoaks girl ;) and i suspect she will be making plenty more for celebs and will be seeing her designs in magazines soon :D if you are interested in any of Emma's designs then please follow her on twitter:!/GemzByEmz or add her Facebook page she also has a new website :) happy shopping girlies, stay beautiful mwah xxxxxxx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Angel Candy Boutique xoxo

sparkly things and things that glitter have a huge place in my heart haha so i introduce to you my friends little crystallizing business Angel Candy Boutique :) she does all sorts of little things from car air fresheners (see above picture only £5) a perfect gift for any girl who loves pretty things ;) to fully crystallized shoes! Iv known Charlotte for a while now on twitter!/AngelCandyB shes been doing a clothing range called Angel2Diva for some time now, i must say the clothes she sells are gorgeous and soooooo sexy ;) and has only recently started to do crystallization,  <<< her facebook page :) i have alot of twitter friends who own these types of businesses and most of them are sweet enough to help each other out and not bitch about one another Charlotte has been so lovely i feel i should do a post on her not just because she has been an amazing friend to me recently but because she really is very talented :) So heres a few of the things she does. . . . .Childrens shoes starting from just £10.00

How cute are these :) 
She can also crystallize Ipad cases for £50 and phone case starting from £15  

I cant stand my phone being without a case it looks soooo ugly :/ 
Last but not least she crystallizes adult shoes starting from just £25!!!! Heres a sneak peek of some shoes she done recently 

sooooo pretty :D 

so yes if you would like any more info on Angel Candy Boutique then please dont hesitate to ask me or follow her on twitter shes also doing a comp on her twitter page and facebook page very soon so you could win yourself something sparkly so get liking and following :) stay sparkly girls ;) xxxxxx