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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Made With Love xxx

Hey girls and maybe some guys haha hope your all doing well?!
so im comp crazy i enter so many i just love it, well you got to be in it to win it aint ya ;)
I was soooooo lucky to win the Made With Love comp to win one of her amazing bracelets

The bracelet i won is a Swarovski White Clear Initial Bracelet and it is gorgeous!!!
I got the letter 'L' on it, and i think the initial makes it that extra special this particular bracelet is £14.00 you can add an extra initial on for £3 :)
I have been having a nosey on her website (i will put the link up at the end) and she really does have such beautiful jewellery you should defo check it out this one is from the Arm Candy range and its called Vanilla and is £22 its one of my favs on there its sparkly and pretty :)

I just love jewellery and my bracelet range is immense lol i have about 30 different ones and i love them all i just dont think you can have enough :)
Here are the links you need for Made With Love xxx
Happy shopping girls ;)

Monday, 23 January 2012

I Think I Have Been Sugar Poked :P

So i was kindly sent out some amazing little treats to try from this really sweet business Sugar poke Uk, i have been following her on twitter for ages now and shes the lovliest lady EVER lets call her Shirley hehe ;)
Anyway im not going to lie i was in heaven trying these gorgeous treats, BUT i was forced yes forced into letting my mum try them too (i wasnt happy about it LOL) so in this post im going to tell you what my mum thought of them aswel as me :)

I got this lovely Thank Ewe card aswel which is a really nice touch i think makes it more personal :)
Mmmmmm mouth watering ;)
ok so the 1st one i tried was 'Anyone for Tiffin' the ingredients are.... biscuit, sultanas, honeycomb pieces and chocolate.
My Verdict: this was very yummy and quite rich im not a massive fan of darker chocolate but i really enjoyed this i love honeycomb and this made it extra enjoyable for me, 7/10  :)
Mummy Lorraine's verdict: the sweetness of this one was just right for me it wasnt too sweet and i found it VERY moreish, 8/10 :)
2nd is '(Choc) chip off the old block' it is butter shortbread stuffed with choc chips chunks and then sprinkled with abit of sugar :)
My verdict: WOW this was bloody yummy the biscuit just melted in my mouth, i do love abit of shortbread so i have tried quite alot but honestly? this was the nicest bit of shortbread iv ever tasted and with the added choc pieces it just made it better nom, nom, nom!!! 9/10 
Mummy Lorraine's verdict: ohhhhhh this was soooo tasty!! it just melted in my mouth, would defo buy it again one of the best shortbread biscuits iv tried!!! 9/10 :)
Last but by no means least is 'Brilliant Brownie' made with delicious chocolate and real butter soooo MOIST!!!
My verdict: OMG this is the yummiest brownie i have EVER tasted it was gorgeous i really didnt want to give any to my mum but for the sake of the blog and you followers i allowed her a piece haha! honestly was so yummy the middle was moist and so chocolaty i must say brownies are my fav so i knew i would love this one but didnt realise how much lol! would defo recommend getting the brownie when you order you wont regret it!! 10/10 pure chocolate orgasm ;) 
Mummy Lorraine's verdict: Best brownie i have ever had! not just saying it but it was so moist, im not really a brownie person unlike Lucy because i find them to be really dry but i would have these again any day! 10/10

So as you have already guessed my fav one was the brownie but they were all so lovely!!! If your stuck for a birthday present or a valentines gift then i would say get some of these there just so lovely your be wanting more and more haha!
Mummy Lorraine's fav: it was a hard choice but had to be the brownie was just mouth watering, loved it :)

here is the info u need if u would like to be sugar poked ;)
Twitter link:!/SugarPokeUK
Facebook link:
Website link:

Please let me know if you have ordered from here before id love to know what you think and if you do order i can assure you it will be money well spent. . . . .go on treat yourself ;)
stay beautiful guys

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Scruffy Little Cat

How cute are these bags!!!!! im loving them, theres so many of these kind of personalized bags about and Scruffy little cat has to be one of my fav's! I think the reason why is because of the HUGE lashes she puts on the faces sooo girly ;)
Love this one because i have a huge love of leopard print and of course cocktails ;) 

Heres the gorgeous Amy Childs with a Scruffy Little Cat bag whilst on holiday in Marbella :)

I think these bags would be great for when your going on holiday :) perfect for the beach,
You can get the done with your name on and you can choose the hair and eye colour which is cool
The bags start from around £25 i think which is fab as its not too expensive!!
They also do cards, boots and fragrances aswel as other beautiful things so would defo recommend you check out there website :)
Heres the link to there
stay beautiful girls

Friday, 13 January 2012

Im Inlove With Love Umbrella's

As most of my blog followers know it just love's to rain in England, i must admit i do love the rain i find it really relaxing and very peaceful!!!! Most 'normal' people hate winter because its so cold and always looks so miserable out but i really do love it, snow, rain, thunderstorms, the lot! I hate summer its too hot and all the nasty spiders and insects come out and bug me! i hate not being able to sleep and i hate sweating my make up off YUCK!

Just thought id share a few winter pics there :)

ANYWAY lets get back to why im writing this blog post shall we, as i said i love the rain but being stuck out in it is another story!!!! I have come across the most AMAZING company though to help with this there called Love Umbrella's and i must honestly say i have never seen such gorgeously unique umbrellas in my life, everytime i go into shops or online and see umbrellas for sale they never quite match up to Love Umbrellas!!!!!
Heres a few of my fav umbrellas available to buy
I love butterflies there such pretty creatures and they are really girly this umbrella is ivory with gold butterflies and its only £21!!!!
This one is gorgeous its white with black bows and its available for £28!!!
Love this one as you all know by now im a sucker for sparkle and this umbrella is just sooo girly and pink i love it its £25!!!!
Here is a shoot with Love Umbrellas and Muddz Wellies which i featured in a blog post recently (both essential for winter)
P&P for these are around £3 i do believe and there just the most gorgeous accessory for any girl also amazing for weddings! They have childrens ones available too :D
When i got some spare money i will be investing in one of these as there so fabulous i think every girl should own one ;)
Heres the links to there
Twitter page!/LoveUmbrellas
Facebook page
and there Website
Happy shopping girls ;)
stay beautiful

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Im Really Not Pleased :(

well as you know from my last post i got my nails done last thursday and the nail tech filed so much it went down to my skin under the nail (yes major OUCH) lol anyway thats not the only problem im having with these particular set of nails, with acrylics u expect them to last long hence why u pay a stupid amount of money!!!
well about 4 of the 10 nails are hanging on by a thread! they are coming away from the sides and it has REALLY pissed me off (excuse my language) iv had them done from this place quite a few times and never had a problem but this time the quality is rubbish, i really wanted to treat myself and get my nails done as havent been able to afford them for ages so i really am quite upset about it :(
i hate having nails hanging off as i just want to pick at it all the time!!! iv filed the sides down and put glue over the edge but its not helping :'( anyone else had a bad set done before??
anyway i just wanted to vent abit as im really not pleased and i know my fellow beauty addicts would understand my annoyance lol
hope your all well
stay beautiful guys
mwah xoxoxoxoxoxox

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Peter Andre Kissed Me ;)

Hey everyone hope you all had an amazing christmas and a drunken new year ;)
mine was pretty amazing i got a kiss off of Peter Andre!!!!!!!!! We went to his cafe in East Grinstead for my cousins birthday we wernt really expecting him to be there but he came just as we were leaving so we chased him (yes chased him LOL) round to the car park and i must say he is one of the loveliest blokes ever was soooo friendly and kind :) anyway here my pic. . .
I know i look like such a tw*t but i was shaking and way over excited haha.
Yeah so that was pretty good i got way to drunk new years which had me smash my nose into a toilet but lets not get into that LOL
So today i went and got my nails done i havent had false nails for AGES and iv been really missing them so thought i would treat myself :) well it turned out to be abit of a nightmare, some nail techs seem to get abit file friendly and the woman i had today was just that!!!! She filed my nail so much it actually went through to my skin under the nail :'( it REALLY hurt and iv now had to bandage it up with some savlon so it doesnt get infected!!!! 

So major ouchie's today! I know false nails ruin ur natural nail but wasnt expecting that, you know the sad thing though? it hasnt put me off!!!! I just love false nails they make me feel alot more feminine and my designs  look alot better on longer nails! 
Anyway sending lots of love to u all
stay beautiful guys mwah xoxoxox