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Monday, 3 October 2011

Emz Gemz are Fab :D

Look at theseeeeee how cute and pretty :D they were given to me by the Gorgeous Emma at Gemz by Emz!!! I love them so much as there made by hand which makes it even more special so you know your getting something Extra unique!!! I dont like wearing things that EVERYONE else has its nice to have something that no one else can have! These come in all sorts of different colours including purple, blue and green! But if earrings are not really your thing she does the most gorgeous bracelets and necklaces, just look at this one. . .

Perfect for anyone who loves Music like myself this is only £10.99 its gorgeous and really different, another one of her bracelets i love is this one . . . .

i love it sooooo much 'You Hold The Key To My Heart' theres so much on this charm bracelet which i think makes me love it even more it REALLY stands out and its only £13.99 :)

Another thing she makes are watches but there watches with a difference of course :) they are bracelet watches and you can personalise them to your taste u can have your name on them too. . . .

This one is £12.99 i love it because its so girly and sparkly :D
This one is the name one and its only £12.00!!!! you really cant go wrong!!!
shes now making jewellery for a certain hollyoaks girl ;) and i suspect she will be making plenty more for celebs and will be seeing her designs in magazines soon :D if you are interested in any of Emma's designs then please follow her on twitter:!/GemzByEmz or add her Facebook page she also has a new website :) happy shopping girlies, stay beautiful mwah xxxxxxx

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