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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Haters Gonna Hate Right?!

So i got my first really nasty hate message today so i just wanted to write this to let you all know why i do this blog, im defo not smart i have no GCSE's as i had to leave school early because i was severely bullied, im not trained in beauty but iv not once claimed to be, the reasons i started this blog was to share my passion with other like minded people, yes my grammer isnt very good but im trying my hardest to make this blog as interesting as i can for my lovely followers!!! i have only been doing this for about 3 weeks now so im still so very new and im still not 100% sure how to do everything, i just write what i think people would be interested in! I really am sorry if you dont enjoy my blog but there are thousands of blogs out there that im sure you would enjoy. As i stated in my thank you blog post i suffer with 'illnesses' and doing this has helped me alot to take my mind off things! i wont stop doing my blog because of your patheticness because then that means you have won and i dont want that so once again THANK YOU SO MUCH to all my lovely supporters out there and im sooo happy you enjoy my blog means alot to me mwah xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Models Own it?? YES!

So i must own about 50 different nail polishes and about 25 of them are Models Own! I first discovered Models own on they had a beautiful little models own set which included a nail polish, lip gloss and a 6 way nail buffer i think i paid something silly like £2.50 for them! which is an amazing bargain because they really are fab quality and so affordable, there polishes are only £5.00! My fav polish colour of all time is red 'n' black! it really is lovely and always goes on so nicely as with all there polishes! One of the things that drive me MAD is chipped nails and these polishes stay in tact for days! I think this is the reason i love them so much, im always looking on asos for models own sale items because they really are worth it! i also just ordered some from there website as they have an amazing 50% off sale if u spend over £20! (just quote FIFTYFIFTY at the checkout, ends soon) so iv ordered myself 2 polishes (nude beige and lemon meringue) and a 5 piece brush set, it would have cost me £20.00 but with the discount it was £12.95 (inc P&P)  now thats a saving! if i had more money i could have quite easily ordered £100's worth of stuff, but i had to stop myself haha. When im doing other peoples nails they always route through my nail polishes and 99.9% of the time they pick a models own polish! iv also owned there lip gloss which is AMAZING sooooo shiny and stays on for ages and there eye shadows is fab as well although it does crease sometimes (but im not complaining as there good value for money) if anyone ever asks me to recommend them a nail polish brand one of the firsts ones i say is models own!! please let me know if you have ever tried models own and what you think about it as id love to know :) mwah xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Just A Quick Thank You. . .

Thank you sooo much to all you beautiful followers it really does mean the world to me that u enjoy my blog! I really do have a huge passion for beauty and i love the fact that i can share this with you all! I cant work due to 'illnesses' and having this blog has helped me sooo much by taking my mind off things and all your lovely comments have made me extreamly happy! If there is anything you would like me to blog about please do let me know! i always really appreciate your feedback! once again Thank you from the bottom of my heart! stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxxxx

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Quick Update on my Elegant Touch nails :)

Well i cant quite believe it but my nails are still on its been over a week now and there still looking 'Reem' ;) but as you can probably guess from my other blog posts i love to change my nail colour/design often and even though i LOVE the purple colour i fancied a change so i decided to paint them dark and chose Models Own Red 'n' Black, as u can see from the pic they look AMAZING! and they really do look so natural! when they come off im defiantly getting some more (when i got the pennies lol) please let me know if you have purchased some of these before because id love to hear what you think about them too :) xxxx

Friday, 26 August 2011

Bella Voi Nail Tech To The Stars. . . .

There is someone who has made me realise my passion for creative, beautiful nails and she goes by the name of Loretta, this young girly is another one of my twitfam and she truely is amazing! Shes a nail tech and is fab at what she does, but im not her only fan as u can see from her twitter page!/Bella_Loretta she has over 2000 followers!!! On her facebook she has over 700 likes :) Shes based in Essex and has done soooo many celeb nails now here is a list of celebs nails shes done to date. . . . Nicola Mclean, Melissa  Walton, Danielle Brown, Natalie Emanuel, Louisa Lytton, Beverley Knight and TOWIE girls Chloe Sims (pictured above with Loretta), Maria Fowler, Lauren Goodger, Lauren Pope and Lydia Bright!! Very impressive to say the least and this is expanding as she gets more popular! her nails are honestly the prettiest iv seen as u can tell from the pics,she uses gel based polishes which make them last longer and make them grow quicker :) please girls if you want natural, healthy, beautiful nails then Loretta is the girl to go too! She's so down to earth and friendly and i really wish her all the luck in the world!! please go show her some love thank u mwah stay beautiful guys xxxxx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Very Elegant?

I'v always LOVED long nails and the only time i have long nails is if i have acrylic nails because mine just don't grow they are sooooo weak, but due to not having any money i haven't been able to afford infills so had to take them all off, it was a sad day lol! Anyway i was lucky enough to win a elegant touch comp on twitter!/ElegantTouchUK and the prize was there new limited addition matt nails in a gorgeous purple colour RRP £6.45 (boots) the last time i tried false nails from a packet must have been about 6 years ago! but i was very excited to try them out, last Friday i put them on as i was going away for the week and i didnt expect them to last to long but thought it would be nice for the weekend at least, well to my surprise they are still on!!!!!!!!!!! and look AMAZING everyone who has seen them thinks they are my real nails they look so natural as u can see from the picture, BEST false nails iv ever owned and would highly recommend, especially if ur short on money and cant afford acyrilics! i think from now on im going to stick with elegant touch glue on nails as they are fairly priced and last AGES!  As you can see from the picture iv added alittle bit of sparkle to them and they look fantastic i LOVE them!! please let me know if you have tried them and what u think :) mwah xxxxx

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bling It On? Yes please

i came across this LOVELY lady called Heather on twitter through her little business @miss_crystalize!/miss_crystalize please give her a follow :) she makes such AMAZING phone cases as you can see from the picture!! As we all know by now i love all things girly, pink and glittery so you can imagine how much i love her things, how pretty are these cases!! You need to be rocking one of these cases girls just to make everyone Jel ;) haha. Shes so talented and i found out why she started up her own little business, she became disabled last year so this is keeping her busy, as well as her gorgeous children!! she doesn't just crystalize phone cases she now does shoes as well (and we all know how i feel about shoes hehe) it takes alot of patience to do this kind of thing but it just shows how much patience she does have, please like her facebook page for more amazing pics of her merchandise i really do love 'meeting' and helping amazing people like Heather on twitter, not only is she very talented at what she does shes also soooo friendly and always there if u need a chat! shes one of my lovely twitfam and i think alot of her :) stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxxx

Monday, 22 August 2011

I Admit I Have A Shoe Addiction ;)

So i came across this lovely lady on twitter who makes the most amazing crystalized shoes (all done by just the one lady) as you can see from the pic!!!!/TheCrystalB_ <<< this is her twitter page please follow :) Iv always had a shoe addiction and im sure i dont see shoes the way 'normal' people do :/ i absolutly love shoes and the higher the better although im not saying i can walk very well in them haha! as u can probably tell from my nails i also love glitter and sparkle so to say i fell inlove with her shoes is an understatement, if i ever was lucky enough to own a gorgeous pair of shoes like this i dont think id take them off my feet!!!! (this is the time i wish i had a boyfriend haha)  She also does baby shoes as u can see and they are the CUTEST little bubba shoes i ever did see :P It always helps these businesses if they are friendly and genuine and she really is a lovely lass who i can see BIG things for in the future. This is her facebook page please like so you can see more of her amazing shoes!! But be warned i did have a slight shoe orgasm when i looked! :P stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxxxx

Friday, 19 August 2011

Cow or Dog?!

Ok so when i done these dalmation was running through my mind but everyone who saw them always said they thought they looked like cow print :/ i wasnt happy about this at first but then i realised everyone who said this seemed to really love them so im getting over it haha! these are soooo easy to do anyone can do it, just simply paint ur nails with white nail polish i used Rimmel here and then using a nail art pen i used Models Own just make random littledots but make sure there not to neat otherwise it will just look like polka dot which is still cool but not what we are aiming for lol! Anyway make sure u apply a top coat just because they last longer if you do :) please let me know if you do try these out and send me a pic i would love to see :) stay beautiful mwah xxxx

Got To Be Rockin It?! YES!!!

I went to my local chemists to pick up my prescription and i noticed they had some reduced items and i can never resist a sale like most girls hehe :) anyway i came across this Schwarzkopf Got2b Rockin'it Encore Fresh dry shampoo at £2.99 i thought i might aswel treat myself as my hair gets greasy after just 1 day, and i HATE having to wash my hair everyday as its not good for the hair!! So the next day i thought i would try it out and see if it actually works as i was abit skeptical and to my amazement it really does work!!!! it made my hair smell delish aswel!!! i went the whole day and it still looked and smelt fresh!!!! im staying with my cousin for the week and of course i had to bring my dry shampoo, anyway she decided to go out for a meal tonight with her husband and was complaining about her hair being to greasy so i suggested she used my dry shampoo she first said 'no il just stick it up' but i told her she has to try it!!! So i put it in for her which is so simple to do you just spray it over the greasy parts and rub it in with your finger tips  then brush it out, She was so shocked she couldn't beleave it!! She has very light Blonde hair and i have dark brown hair and it works just aswel for both but id say slightly better for blonde hair :) she has now put it on her shopping list and is taking it away on holiday with her!! Dry Shampoo is  a Must for everyone and especially mummys and full time workers :) mwah xxxx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Most Amazing Homemade Hand Scrub :)

So i suffer REALLY badly from dry skin on my hands and i look everywhere for a cheap but good hand scrub and well to be honest they just dont exist (in my opinion) you have to pay big bucks and well i just dont have big bucks :( so i decided id make my own and the results are actually amazing! These are the ingredients you need to make this hand scrub: 2 teaspoon's of Sugar, 1 teaspoon of Oats (can be left out if you dont have any available) 1 teaspoon of Honey and finally 2 teaspoons of Olive Oil. Mix them all together with a spoon for about 5 mins then with dry hands scrub it into your hands, keep rubbing it in for about 5-10 mins once all scrubbed in then wash the scrub off with warm water! Trust me it leaves ur hands feeling amazing, soft and beautiful! Also can be used on the face just DONT scrub to hard :) if you do try this out PLEASE let me know what you thought of it! :) stay beautiful guys :) mwah xxxxx

My Heart Beads xoxo

So i was lucky enough to come across this gorgeous little business on Twitter called Heart_Beads!/Heart_Beads <<<< her twitter page please follow :) anyway the lovely lady Katie who owns heart beads announced she was doing a competition for your chance to win one of her gorgeous bracelets,  the comp details were. . . if you could name a bracelet what would you name it and what colour would it be? so i thought about this for all of 1 second and decided it would have to be called Lesley-Boo and it would be purple, Lesley is my late nans name and boo is my mums nickname so it was perfect (in my mind) and purple was my nans favorite colour! i entered and was soooo lucky to have won the comp and the prize was to have that bracelet specially made for me, needless to say i was so pleased and felt quite tearful as my nan was my world and to have something specially made in her name meant so much to me! she also asked what sort of things my nan liked so i told her angels and she always had a cross on her necklace which i now own and wear every day, and those are the gorgeous bracelets she sent me in the picture above :) i dont think she realises how grateful i am for them and i KNOW my nan would have loved them! if your looking for a special gift for someone Heart Beads is the place to look ! She is now doing jewellery for Paloma Curren from TOWIE which is VERY impressive :) stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blue Leopard Print Anyone?! :P

Dont you just LOVE leopard print!! well i do hehe and i wanted to do leopard print but with a twist so i thought id try changing the colours, i decided to use models own 'baby blues' as a base coat then models own 'lilac dream' for the dots then of course models own  nail art pen for the black lines around the lilac colour, this has to be one of my fav colour combo's the blue is such a gorgeous colour i love it!! please find models own twitter here >>>>>!/modelsown most of my polishes come from them as i always find them to go on smoothly and i love the bottle's :) i hope u like this design as much as i do stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxx

Will You Be Forever Charmedd??? ;)

Well I came across this lovely lass called Harriet on Twitter through her little business Forever Charmedd >>>>!/ForeverCharmedd she was still very new but she makes such amazing jewellery i decided to try and help her out abit, you know spread the word and such, anyway as a thank you she insisted on sending me one of her AMAZING bracelets :D and i must say it is gorgeous as you can see from the picture! I am so fond of this girl not because she was kind enough to send me one of her bracelets but because of the reason she has started up her little business, im not going to say to much but the cause is so worthy, she truely is a wonderful person and i would highly recommend purchasing from her, please check her out on twitter and show her some LOVE :) stay beautiful guys mwah xxxx

My Thoughts On Shatter Polishes :)

I personally love Shatter polishes, sometimes its nice to have something different other than just one colour and ALOT of people just dont have the patients to fiddle about with nail art pens!!! i like to try something 'different' with my nails BUT sometimes I want something different but dont have alot of time to do it so this is the reason i love shatter polishes, they really are amazing, iv had soooo many comments on my nails when iv had the shatter polishes on! What i like to do the most when I got my long nails is just do the tips with the shatter polish (above picture) makes such a statement and REALLY stands out :) the gold i have used here is from beautyuk i love this gold one because it goes on really smoothly and really reasonably priced at £2.99 for a 14ml bottle :)  its called 'night fever' other colours they have available are 'punk' 'goth' and 'glam rock'. . . . stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxx

Bluberry Ice Are Blingtastic ;)

These GORGEOUS Shoes are Crystallized by hand by the lovely Lexi at Bluberry Ice Ltd here is the link to her twitter page!/BluberryIceLtd <<< please give her a follow for updates, offers and giveaways :) they have also been busy Crystallizing things for celebs such as Cherri V, Denise Van Outen, Cher Lloyd, Claire Sweeney, Josie Gibson and Lauren Goodger VERY impressive, I see big things for Bluberry Ice in the near future and they very much deserve it. Like any Girl i love abit of bling and sparkle and they seem to do it Perfectly!!! I will be doing more Features on Bluberry Ice very soon so keep your eyes peeled! Stay Beautiful girls Mwah xxxxxx 

Monday, 15 August 2011

Love Diamante Jewellery and Shoes :)

These Gorgeous earrings were given to me by the Lovely Leanne at Love diamante!!/LoveDiamante <<< this is her twitter page please follow her :) she also specializes in crystalized dummys and shoes!! she really is very talented. I would highly recommend you have a little look at her facebook page too for all the pictures of her beautiful things :) The dummies are great as a special gift for someone who has recently had a baby, SOOOO PRETTY :) i love abit of bling hehe mwah xxxx

DewDrop__ Jewellery

I was lucky enough to win an amazing bracelet from dewdrop__ on Twitter. The Lady who owns the company is called Emma and i must say she is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of coming across! She is now making Jewellery for Celebs such as Liz Cundy, Claire Powell, Peter Andre, Tricia Penrose, Sam Fox, Adele Silvia, Ruby and Molly Schofield, Sarah Owen and the following TOWIE girls Lucy Meck, Ellie Redman, Paloma Curran, Gemma Collins and Chloe Simms!! So VERY amazing!! shes so very talented so please add her on facebook for more amazing pics and updates Thank You Mwah xxxxx
This a gold smokey look i tried, its smokey but with a difference! the eye shadows i sued are from Romana boutique please find her on facebook and on twitter :) thank you :) xxxx

Sunday, 14 August 2011 <<<< please add Romana on your facebook as she has the most AMAZING clothes and make up, i get all my make up from her which you see in my pics! her eye shadow which she sells are the best iv ever used!!! i was VERY naughty one night and didnt remove my make up when i went to bed i woke up the next day and it was pretty much perfect still! i was amazed to say the least! is defo worth a add girls, shes so kind aswel and will help you with all sorts of beauty advice :) she also ships WORLDWIDE :) thank u happy shopping mwah xxx
I like to call these my 'Rainbow Eyes' i love the colours so much and its simple but easy to do! all the pics u see of my eye make i have done iv done using make up from Romana Boutique please find her on facebook! :) xxxx

This is a smokey eye i did using the lovely Romana boutique's eye shadows! please find her on facebook! her eye shadows are the best iv used stay on ALL day! would highly recommend xxx

This is the Glitter Dust i use when i do my sparkly nails :) as i said in the last post its very cheap just £1 and iv had it now for about 2 years lol so defo worth a buy :) xxx

my nails are in bad condition at the moment and very short due to false nails but i just LOVE these sparkly nails, i used rimmel grey as a base coat, then a coat of Models own sterling silver then i quickly added some Snazaroo glitter dust over the top while the polish was still wet :) then of course a top coat! p.s the glitter dust is so cheap i got mine for just £1 :for a fancy dress shop :) xx

Thank you for following my blog everyone i hope u enjoy it and get some inspiration for when you do your own nails and make up :) if there's anything you would like to know please don't hesitate to ask me :) stay Beautiful mwah xxxx
another practice nail! using models own as the base colour then beauty uk's gold crackle paint on the tip! :) xxx

strawberry nails :) using models own nail polishes :) very simple to do but makes a statement :) xxx

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

nails i did for my friend! she wanted something BRIGHT i think i done that hehe :) xxxx

Monday, 8 August 2011

i did this using models own 'blue gem' and pink crackle by Barry M :) love the colour combo's xxx

this is a eye design i did using colour pallets from Romana Boutique can be found on twitter and facebook! best eyeshadows iv used xxx

nails i designed! one of my Favs!! :) 

nails i did for a wedding :)