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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

3 Time's In One Night . . . ;)

omg please tell me im not the only one who will paint there nails then paint them again because there not happy with the end result?!
well i did it 3 times tonight!! (painted my nails that is, you naughty lot haha) they were orange with black and silver stripes but they didnt look great to me so i removed it then i painted them with a new polish i bought today (Sally Hansen, hard as nails, hard as wraps) as it was £2 it was a gorgeous red colour and i wanted to try it out as alot of people seem to use it when i look on there blogs :) but i was really disappointed :( it started to chip almost instantly and it still felt wet after an hour :/ so i removed that  and now my nails are sparkly black! i used another polish i bought today and it was a real bargain its CKlein and the colour is called Tutu :) its such a gorgeous polish i love it and the best part? it was only £2 rrp is £11 so defo had to get it :)
yes the picture quality is RUBBISH but u can still see the sparkles in the bottle :) they look lovely and sparkly on the nails too :)
im liking it so far so i think il leave this polish on for tonight haha
anyone else do this? or is it just me?

Monday, 14 May 2012

My Favorite America's Next Top Model Picture's Of All Time :)

hey gorgeous people, iv got an addiction and its a bad one!!!
im obsessed with America's Next top model (ANTM) i really am iv watched each cycle and im now watching them over again from cycle 1 :/ its bad isnt it!!
you would think that it would help me lose weight seeing all those skinny girls but it hasnt haha
anyway i just wanted to share with you my all time favorite pictures from the series :)
so here goes :)

this is Allison from cycle 12 and she did the All stars cycle too :) now i didnt realise till i was looking through all the pictures that Allison (along with Yoanna) is my all time favorite contestant!!! shes amazingly stunning and so odd looking but im just drawn to her! her eyes are just amazing!!!! she was seen as abit weird on the show because she had a love for blood (which is defo weird but aint we all abit odd?! i know i am haha)
seriously just look at them pictures of her!! truly amazing, anyway my next picture is one of my all time FAV pictures and one of my fav contestants :)
this picture is sooo fierce i LOVE it her cheekbones are amazing this is Yoanna from cycle 2 she actually went on to win the show which i was very pleased about ':)
This is mercedes from cycle 2 also she came second and i really think she is stunning not only was she gorgeous outside she was such a sweet girl and was going through alot as she suffers with Lupus :( theres a website here which you can learn all about lupus and its symptoms its a horrid thing to have to deal with but she did it with such maturity!
this is Adrianna from cycle 1 she won the show and im not surprised with this picture! its such a stunning photo and her body looks amazing here as does her face, with pics like this its hard not too look pornographic or slutty but i really dont think she looks that way at all, really is a gorgeous pic :)
this is the winner of cycle 16 Brittani i love this photo, her eyes look immense, her hands look abit big here lol but seriously is a stunning shot :)
This is elysse from cycle 1 i didnt much like her attitude really and outside of pictures i thought she was quite unattractive but i think this photo is amazing her eyes look fab with that make up and the snake makes it look  edgy :)
this is hannah from cycle 16, this picture is amazing the leopard is gorgeous, i usually love the animals shoots in ANTM they make it alot harder for the models :P and they make photos look that much more stunning :) i love hannahs hair its wild and bushy and i love her dark make up its all fab :D

this is jaslene from cycle 8 she won this cycle and i was really happy about that as there was something about this girl that caught my eye she was edgy and soooo stunning i loved the way she talked aswel for some reason haha! this shot is SEXY i love it #Beautiful :)

This is Rae from cycle 13 the petite cycle, this photograph is so stunning i love it, its so high fashion and angelic <3 she looks amazing and i love her legs :)
now this picture iv put up because i think it has to be one of my fav make overs!!!! this is natasha and i dont know about you but i think dark hair and a sharp fringe looks sooooo much better on her :) just thought id share this picture :)

now the next 2 pictures are the worst 1 of them was an actual picture taken on a shoot and the other was from judging...
this picture is not pleasant! i know to be a top model you have to be skinny but theres skinny then there's SKINNY and this girl looks ill her name is annamaria she was in cycle 15! she was eliminated after this shoot because they were concerned for her health! she didnt think she was too skinny and felt like she needed to lose more weight :( its so sad that people feel like this!!!
now this is Ann from cycle 15 she actually won this cycle and i really liked ann as a person she was really sweet and had been bullied most her life :( now as skinny as she is her brother was the same build as her so im thinking its just a family thing! she said she had issues with her weight all her life and couldnt put wight on no matter how hard she tried! her waist was TINY and to me it wasnt attractive but hey if thats what the fashionista's like then so be it :)

anyway i hope you have enjoyed reading this post :)
if you have any fav photos or models from the show then i would love to hear from you :)
stay beautiful girls (and fierce) ;)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nail Stamp Virgin ;)

hey gorgeous people
well im sitting here flicking through ebay which is soooo dangerous for nail art lovers like myself :P
there is so much on there and its so cheap!!!
so anyway iv noticed alot of you fab bloggers use nail stamps and as iv seen LOADS on ebay im thinking im going to treat myself to a set :)
just thought id share with you my nails at the moment :) i did a brown and white polka dot mani simply because it was quick and easy as i had to rush them :)

i always love doing my nail designs by hand but there just not that good and im not very artistic i cant draw at all so im thinking i will love the nail stamps!!
im getting them from hong kong so might take a while to get to me but once iv got them im sure il do a mani and then il share it with you :)
what are your experiences with nails stamps? do you like them?
stay beautiful guys

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Quick Question (I Want To Learn More About My Followers) :)

right just wanted to ask a quick question which im going to do more of on my blog from now on :)
i want to learn more about my followers so the question is.......
Q. What is your favorite all time nail polish colour and brand?

my answer to that would have to be barrym and my fav colour is either a neon pink or a sexy red :)

answers below please lovelies :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Monarch Wing Nails xoxo

hey lovelies :) hope your all well and having a good week :)
i got abit creative tonight and decided to try doing a monarch wing butterfly nail design and i must say i think im inlove :) im not going to lie though it took about an hour and a half for me to do, most of that time i was doing my left hand!!! (im a lefty by the way) its always so hard doing the other hand isnt it (or is that just me haha)
anyway here's the picture and as i have said in a previous post im so sorry for the crappy picture i just cant afford to get a decent camera at the moment :( but im hoping you will still get how lovely it looks :)
this is how i did this design:
1, file and prepare your nail ready for the nail polish
2, use a base coat and allow to dry
3, apply a base colour i used yellow for this look but u can use any colour's you like :)
4, get a make-up sponge apply a line of orange to the sponge and a line of red next to each other
5, press the sponge diagonally across the nail leaving a little bit of the yellow showing
6, allow your nails to dry
7, once dry use a black nail art pen and draw on the lines all the way to the side of the nail
8, put a few extra blobs of black at the end of each line
9, using a cuticle stick or anything thin blob on bits of white at the side, making sure you do some bigger blobs and some smaller blobs
10, allow to dry then apply a top coat :)
im sorry im not the best at explaining myself but im sure there are loads of tutorials on you tube for you to look at :)
also tonight i decided i wanted to show off my nail polishes so i dont have to search around in a big box for a colour i want and this is my new nail polish display
not as much as alot of beauty bloggers out there but there still a hefty load there but as most of you girls know you can never have enough nail polish!!!! if i could afford to id buy a new polish everyday haha
most of my polishes i get are from in the sale!! i have got models own polishes for £2 before BARGAIN! :)
if you have any pictures of your polish stash id love to see them :)
hope you have enjoyed this post
stay beautiful guys
much love

Sunday, 6 May 2012

I Wish I Had A Decent Camera To Show Off My Nail And Make Up Designs :(

hey lovely people :P
its been a while sorry about that but its been my BIRTHDAY week 1st May lol
im now 23!! gosh im getting old haha, i am planning on doing a blog post on the things i got for my birthday but for now im just going to show you a nail design i done and a make up design i tried :)
i do believe other bloggers are calling this sugar (something) please let me know if you do know what it is as iv got a complete brain block haha! as my heading shows the quality of my pictures are TERRIBLE and it annoys me greatly that u cant really see the effect :( but im totally loving this design for nails!!!

you just blob some of your nail polish onto a surface and mix it a little till it becomes thicker, using a wooden cuticle stick, dip it into the mixture and drag the stringy polish over the nail until you have the desired effect :)
for the base coat i used BarryM in Raspberry, but you can use any base colour you want then choose your polishes around that colour :) i used a different colour on each nail and i loved the end result!!! There are loads of tutorials on you tube to help you if you want to try this out yourself, i would defo recommend u try it because it gives such an amazing effect but isnt too difficult :)

This is the eye make up design i did and i love it but again its a crappy picture so you cant really see the full result of how it looks! i have put this picture up of me because you can just see how much my eyes POP with this make up on, its kind of a smokey purple and i used my gorgeous eye shadows from the make up pallet my friend Romana sent me its her own make up line but sadly she doesnt make them anymore :( which is such a shame because the colours are amazing and the pigment is sensational stays on all night and morning (if you been out the night before and was naughty and didnt remove your make up before bed *whistles*)
AMAZING colours, one of my best gifts ever :D
i know this was abit of a long post but i hope you enjoyed it :)
i will return soon for my birthday post (hopefully lol) and show you all the lovely stuff i got and bought :)
stay beautiful guys
much love

Thursday, 26 April 2012

People Who Inspire Me. . . Some Iv Never Met :P

hey gorgeous people i wanted to do a post on people who i have become to love and admire.
alot of these people are people i have never even met, but they mean so much to me i wanted to share them with you!

1st off the person who inspires me the most is of course my mummy :P iv never known such an amazing, strong loving woman in my life! she suffers ALOT with her illness, she has RA and she is constantly in pain :'( she works in a warehouse and has to lift VERY heavy things all day i just don't know how she does it! when we were little (i got 2 brothers, im the youngest) we would go stay with my Nan for a week in the summer and we didn't have a car so my mum would take us on 3 buses with a pram and 2 suit cases!!! i just wouldn't have bothered haha! anyway there's so much i could say about my mum but i would be going on forever. i just love her so much she is my reason for living shes the only person iv ever known who has never wanted to change me and never made me feel sh*t for being me (im crying while im writing this, i love her more than anyone)
im sure most of you feel the same way about your mums :) mums rule :D
another person who inspires me massively is a gorgeous lady i met through twitter her name is heather and she owns a little business called Miss Crystalize, Bling It On.
i cant remember the reason i decided to follow her but im sure it was because i saw a sparkly profile picture and thought i have to follow haha, but i must say it was one of the best decisions iv made, she has not only become a friend but shes more like a sister to me, i have never really loved someone so much that iv never actually met lol, she has also given me the most amazing shoes in the world
yes i own these bad boys haha, so as you can see she's amazingly talented aswel as being one of the most loveliest people iv known! she has had such a struggle too, i wont tell you everything but last year she nearly died and unfortunately she lost a leg, but this hasn't stopped her making something of her life and being an inspiration! i feel i can talk to her about anything and i know she wont judge me or hate me for it! heather is what true friends are made of :) il give you a link to her facebook and twitter pages at the end :)

another lovely person who inspires me is another lady i met through twitter her name is Loretta and she is a nail tech to the stars and OMG she is soooo talented i have never seen such amazing nail art in my life!!!!
heres a couple pictures of her amazing work
2 of my favs, there just so fab i love them :) i will be doing another post on Loretta soon (she was one of the 1st people i did a post on when i 1st started blogging) she sells a nail rescue kit for £20 and as my nails are soooo weak im ordering a kit from her so i will let you know my progress :)
Loretta also suffers from RA like my mum the difference is she's young! she is such a strong person though and she just inspires me everyday as she really does suffer bad with it and is in pain alot! but she still works extreamly hard and is defo a fighter! everyone loves her nails and she has made it big, she does the TOWIE girls nails and girls from hollyoaks and loads of other stars :) Loretta always makes time for me and i really look up to her especially as she is doing a job i would LOVE to do and shes so good at it :) love her to bits she is my #TwitSis ;)

now this next young lady is someone who i went to school with (when i went, i was bullied bad at school and  would try and get out of going as much as i could) her name is Penny and its odd because in school we didnt really talk much i think we had maths together at some point but im not sure! we started talking again on facebook and i now realise what an amazing inspirational person she is! shes an ambassador for CRUK a cancer research charity and has known so much hurt she has lost so many family members to cancer, she does soooo much for this charity and is just an all round amazing girl! shes so caring and always texts or tweets me to make sure IM ok even though shes going through so much hurt herself she always puts others first! i love her alot and hope one day to meet up for lunch with her to have a good old catch up shes my SATC gal ;)

and the last person im going to tell you about is the most stunning woman i think iv ever known her name is Romana, and again i first came across her on twitter but now we are such close friends i talk to her pretty much all the time on facebook and shes just a fantastic woman! shes a fashion designer and omg is she good at it! iv seen some of her FABULOUS designs and i cant wait for them to be all made and completed!!!
shes going to be huge and i really mean that shes already in talks about appearing in london fashion week ;) shes fierce and stunning, but most of all shes an amazing friend, when i have been at my lowest shes been there to help pick me and up, this girl is so kind shes even offered for me to come up and stay with her and train in her mums nail salon!!!! i mean shes never met me i could be some raving looney (most people would even agree with that haha) but she has said to me before that she can tell im a true person and its lovely that she knows i truly do care about her :) AND shes offered to make me a dress!!!!! im so excited because iv seen how amazing her dresses are
this is one of the 1st dresses made from her new collection (which by the way sold even before they were made) i cant wait and of course i will blog about it :)
also about a year ago now she sent me a present to help with my passion for beauty, her very own make up pallet with the most amazing eye-shadow's in EVER the pigment in them is fantastic and i would literally go out for the night (get abit drunk) and forget to remove my make up and the eye-shadow would be completely in tact the next morning!!
this woman has some serious talent! she also used to work for Prada, which in itself is impressive ;)
i really do love this lady so much and i wish her all the success in the world! remember that name people shes going to be HUGE

anyway im going to shut up now there are so many other people that i love dearly but iv already gone on too much lol.
the people that i have mentioned though really honestly mean the world to me and there such inspirational people i had to share them with you all! all of them have helped me in some way and got me through some tough times, for that i am grateful
stay beautiful guys
Loretta's Twitter page:!/Bella_Loretta
Loretta's Facebook page:
Heather's Twitter page:!/miss_crystalize
Heather's Facebook page:
Penny's Blog page:
Penny's Twitter page:!/pennysophia25

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Erno Laszlo Is Hollywood

Hey all hope your all well and having a good week :)
iv had a little touch of Hollywood this week and it feels goooood ;)

about 2 weeks ago i won a competition on twitter from the fab Glossy box, and the prize was a good one!!!
At the time i didn't realize just how good this comp was, but when i got my prize through the post (which was a nightmare by the way as i missed the delivery then my mum said she would pick it up so i got all excited then she decided to go shopping straight after so i had to wait for her to get home which took AGES oh and because she was taking so long i decided to paint my nails just as i done them she came home with my delivery and i couldn't open it because my nails were still wet!! But i did anyway and smudged all my nails so had to redo them haha was worth it though) anyway i opened it up and even from the box i could tell this was an expensive top of the range face cream, i decided to look on there website to see what other lotions and potions they had and couldn't believe my eye's when i saw the face cream i now owned was worth £95 iv never owned something so luxurious before!!
and even more exciting than that is i found out that this face cream was used by the most gorgeous woman in the world Marilyn Monroe!!!!

its from there fabulous 'The Hollywood Collection' and its the 'morning beauty rescue' cream. its made using semi-precious gems and liquid pearls and is a gel based product!

its seriously is stunning and as we all know by now i just LOVE anything sparkly and girly and this is the perfect cream for me, its gorgeous!!! my pictures don't really do the sparkliness (i think i made that word up lol) justice but it really is very sparkly :)

because it is a product that i can imagine LOADS of celebs use i did take the picture's of the cream next to the best shoes i own lol they belong together ;)
also while i was on there website i checked out there policy's on animal testing and here is the quote from them that is on there website. . . . .

'Erno Laszlo is against animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients.
Erno Laszlo does not use animals to test its products and does not have animal testing conducted on its behalf by anyone else.
Erno Laszlo conducts our own state-of-the-art, independent tests on human volunteers to ensure that our products and ingredients are safe and worthy of your trust.
You have our assurance that all Erno Laszlo products are thoroughly tested for safety and have passed very stringent requirements.'

im sure like myself this is something that most of you will be happy to hear. its great there not testing on animals it makes me love the company even more :) Erno Laszlo is now available in Harrods so if you fancy treating yourself to something really special then check out there website :)
i have been using this now for over a week and my skin feels really soft and it goes on so smoothly its just gorgeous! if you can afford to treat yourself then i really would recommend Erno Laszlo its a little bit of Hollywood in a jar ;)
So thank you Glossy box and thank you Erno Laszlo for my stunning prize i really am so grateful and i hope you have enjoyed reading this post! 
stay beautiful guys
Erno Laszlo Twitter page:!/ErnoLaszlo
Erno Laszlo Facebook page:

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Not So Sleeping Beauty

OMG its 1:40am and as per usual i cant sleep :(
Sleep is so important it effects everything about you and your day, when i cant sleep my mood is massively effected, like im sure everyone else's is :(
im now so used to taking sleeping tablets they dont work on me anymore, im immune to there powers lol
i have tried everything but nothing works anymore, i could wake up at 6am but still not be able to sleep that night.
my depression has hit me hard these last few months which isnt helping my sleeping its like a vicious circle that i cant seem to get out of!!!

i will literally stay awake till 7am then finally get to sleep after getting up having a cup of tea and some toast, a couple weeks ago i was awake till 12pm lunch time then fell asleep but set my alarm for 2pm just so there was hope of getting some sleep that night, as you can imagine i was like a zombie all day!!!
does anyone have any tips on getting a better nights sleep im willing to try most things aslong as it doesnt cost money haha
if all else fails im going to have to make another trip to the doctors and get some stronger sleeping tablets which i really dont want to have to do but needs must i suppose! :(
as im typing this i can hear my mum snoring away and even my dog coco :/ everyone in my house is fast asleep apart from me and it sucks big time!!!
im getting bags under my eyes im getting constant headaches and im taking my anger and grumpyness out on the person i love the most which is my poor mummy :(
if you sleep well most nights then please count yourself lucky and blessed because it is one of the worst feelings not being able to sleep. thought id add in the 2 pictures as i loved them so much and the second one is VERY true i have 3 cats and there always sleeping haha
anyway im going to get back to America's next top model (i have watched nearly the whole series of cycle 15 tonight) ;)
night night guys
sweet dreams
stay beautiful

Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Nails!!!

Hey lovely people :) I know its been long again but still not in the best of places to be honest with you all!
Iv noticed though that iv had ALOT of views from the USA recently even more than the UK which is very odd and something that has really impressed me and put a smile on my face :D
Anyway getting back to why im here lol :P I was having a bad day the other day and decided to lock myself in my room for a while stick some CSI on and do something crazy with my nails (as you do)
And this is what i came up with . . . .

Excuse the mess around the nail's I hadn't cleaned up when i took the pic!!!
I had seen a similar thing on google images (I look on there quite abit for inspiration) it's the best place to go to if your looking for something 'different' to do on your nails, so anyway I had a go myself and this is the result the cool thing is u can draw the lines on any which way and pick any colour's you like :)
I went for loads of different kinds of colour's instead of going for a certain trend like pastel's or neon's I just mixed and matched haha
I used my Models Own black nail art pen to do the lines but I can also recommend MUA's liquid eyeliner it works amazing and the brush is so thin u can get a great line :) After I drew on the lines and was happy I carefully coloured in the little sections with a different colour, I then used a top coat (Avon) to keep it in place for aslong as possible :)
It defo was a talking point had so many people say how much they loved them and they really do stand out :) so if you like something abit funky and 'out there' then these are the way to go :)
stay beautiful guys

Friday, 23 March 2012

Every Girl Needs A Izanagi Dress ;)

Hey beautiful peeps :)
Hope your all well and enjoying the warm weather!!!
I have come across a FABULOUS Fashion designer I wanted to share with you all his name is Danny and he is the owner of Izanagi Fashion, now I came across this lovely man on Twitter and he really is a sweetheart and has amazing talent, just look at these gorgeous dresses
This one is a Black Drape Dress and its on sale for only £25.00!!!! (fab little black dress)
Another gorgeous little black dress unfortunately the black is out of stock at the moment but its available in Red for £30.00 :)
 I love this dress its simple but ultra sexy available on sale for only £40.00!!!

This is my fav dress!!!! :P I LOVE the ruffle detail on the bottom and the cut of it, Its on sale for only £40.00 and available in Orange and Purple (purple is my fav i think)

Now this is such a sexy dress its a 1 armed dress and its stunning I love the Khaki colour and cut out bit at the cleveage, its not too much and keeps it elegant but at the same time VERY sexy! This one is available for £40.00
Not only does he do dresses he also does this very unique 'hoody'
You can get it for £25.00 in the sale sizes range from 6-14 in the zipper hoody but the dresses come in sizes 6-18 which is fab for the more curvy girls like myself!!!
Im going to be honest with you and say i don't usually wear dresses, not because I don't like them but because I feel like im too big to wear them (if that make's sense lol) I always see such stunning dresses about and think to myself how much i would love to wear them and Izanagi's dresses are some of my fav to date!!! I absolutely love these dresses and I honestly do think they would love lovely on all shapes and sizes!!! While the sales on girls id hurry up and get yourself an Izanagi piece to show off ;) But that's another great thing about Izanagi Fashion its affordable, you wont break the bank but you will look amazing and stylish :)
For all you girls out there who have a partner then Izanagi are soon to be releasing a fab new men's range so you can kit your fella out too ;)
Follow Izanagi Fashion on Twitter to find out more about his fab piece's and when the men's range will be available:!/Izanagi_Fashion!/izanagiPR
Also you can like his Facebook page:
And if your interested in buying any of his fab designs then check them out here on his website:
Thanks for reading everyone and hope you enjoy your weekend :)
Stay beautiful