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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ohhhhhhh So Sparkly ;)

I love sparkle and gitter im just drawn to it i cant help myself lol. . . Anyway last night i was having a look through one of my many nail boxes and look what i found

8 Glitter pots and a little pink sachet of glitter dust! I was so pleased because i was going to look on ebay for some more as iv got 1 pot of glitter dust and it makes my nails look AMAZING

My nails are abit poop at the moment and the camara doesnt really show how sparkly they are but they really make a statement! How to do these nails:
1) File your nails till there the shape you want them.
2) Push your cuticles back so they dont get in the way ;)
3) Then use a silver nail polish i used Models own 'Sterling Silver'
4) Paint 1 nail then before it dry's sprinkle the glitter over the nail, the best thing to use is a paint brush, dip the brush in the glitter pot and tap it over the nail, once done then do the same with the remaining nails.
5) Then apply a thin layer of top coat i used Beauty UK 2 in 1 top coat
6) Once you have completed all the nails then wait for them to dry and wash your hands under cool water and pat dry (this does get very messy so make sure you put paper under your hands whilst doing it)
I used my practice nails to try out the new glitters i found (dont know how i forgot about them)

As i said before the picture doesnt show them very well but the next couple of pictures you will see just how much they sparkle :D 

The blue glitter is by far my FAV glitter dust of them all!! AMAZING :)

See how sparkly they are when the light hits them!!!! If your looking for something different to do with your nails then i would defiantly recommend getting some glitter dust you can get the pots off ebay for about 99p and they do last ages :) Im so sorry for the poor condition of my pictures but i think you get the point :) hope u have enjoyed reading this post, Stay sparkly guys ;) xxxxx


  1. I L-O-V-E glitter ! And your nails look awesome! I bet they´re sparkling like crazy in real life :D xoxo

  2. yes hun i LOVE it :D you cant beat abit of sparkle :) just wish my camara was abit better so you could see them properly :( lol xxxxxxxx

  3. they really are fun to do but VERY messy hehe :) my new fav thing to do now tho :) xxxx

  4. As soon as I saw your first picture I was drawn to your post :) I'm also a sucker for sparkles. Love the blue glitter, a red in this would be amazing. I've subbed. Em x

  5. GORGEOUS!!! the dark blue nails are prettypretty

  6. hehe thanks girls :) iv been looking online for a red glitter that would look AMAZING, especially with a lil black dress and red bag and shoes ohhhhhhh love abit of sparkle :D xoxox

  7. I ended up buying some silver glitter and love it :) thanks for sharing :) xx