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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Heads Just Not Been In It. . .

Im so sorry all my lovely blog followers i have not done a post in a very long time, its been a tough couple of weeks and my heart just hasnt been in it. Iv had flu aswel which wasnt pleasant as you can imagine LOL There was nothing beautiful about that i can assure you haha!
Times are tough for everyone at the moment and sometimes it just becomes to much, so you have to try and forget everything and take some time for YOU!!!
What relaxes me the most is a lovely face mask (i use an avon face mask which looks just like clay but works lovely) a lovely hot chocolate (galaxy) with marshmallows on top YUMMY!!!! Then i put a good film on and snuggle up in bed. It doesnt solve anything but it certainly makes you feel alot better!
So next time your feeling abit crappy id recommend all of the above :)
My next Blog post will be on FX  Nails!/FXNailz :) stay beautiful girls and give yourself a break once in a while ;) xoxoxox

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My New Bling Phone Case :)

Hey girlys and maybe a few boys lol hope your all well and have enjoyed the Halloween weekend :)
I was extremely lucky to win this gorgeous phone case from a lovely lady on twitter @sophie_mais!/Sophie_Mais <<< her twitter page please follow her :) i chose clear diamantes with pink lettering :) a girl has to have abit of pink in her life, i was aloud to chose any design so i thought i would just go with my name as it makes it more personal to me and i love the personal touch :)
We all know by now that i love sparkle and bling so theres no way my phone could be without bling for too long, im so pleased i won this as i would never have been able to afford something so beautiful to jazz my phone up with!!!! <<< for more of her gorgeous phone cases and other delights here's her website also this is her facebook page >>>
stay beautiful lovely's mwah xoxoxox