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Monday, 17 October 2011

The Snow Is On It's Way, So Lets Sparkle With MUdDZ ;)

First off im going to say i LOVE winter i love all the snuggly nights with hot chocolate and warm pj's and slippers, i love to snuggle up at night in my duvet and i prefer the fashion for winter (can hide my fat abit more hehe) i dislike summer massively but lets not get me started on that :) So anyway going back to the fashion id like to all tell you about the fabulous MUdDZ, they really do the most amazing wellies i have ever personally seen! We all know i love sprakly things and MUdDZ are as sparkly as they come!!! Im not the only one who loves MUdDZ there a HUGE hit in the celeb world and have been seen on many celebs including Amy Childs, Denise Van Outen, Cher Llyod, Rebecca Ferguson, Chloe Simms and many many more :)
2 of the X Factor contestants Cher and Rebecca rocking there MUdDZ

Chloe Simms, Billie Faiers and Una Healy all looking AMAZING in there MUdDZ! Even in summer there ideal ESPECIALLY for festivals :D

Just 2 of my fav MUdDZ boots (i will own a pair of these amazing boots one day they are fantastic) they have also now made wellies with heels on them how sexy and glam :) with Xmas round the corner and talk of snow at the end of the month nows the time to get some of these bad boys ;)  
If you would like to see more of these amazing boots then please check out the website i guarantee you will love them all prices start from around £40.00 theres also a 2 week sale on at the moment so HURRY UP what you waiting for :) also you can give them a follow on twitter!/MUdDZ_SPARKLE and like there page on facebook for all the latest gossip and deals
I really hope you have enjoyed this blog post, Stay sparkly girls mwah xoxoxox

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