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Friday, 30 September 2011

I Hate To Hate But. . .

I dont really like to write negative things on here but i feel i should let people know my opinion on boots No.7 nail polish. Me and my cousin were in boots and she got given one of them vouchers giving you £5 off any No.7 products and bless her she gave it to me as she knows how much i love make up hehe :P anyway i wondered over to the No.7 counter and was having a good look when i found a lovely brown nail polish called 'Beanie' it was £7 but with the voucher i only paid £2 (which im so glad of because i would have been peed if i paid full price for it) anyway i got home and removed my polish i had on and put this one on. . . . .  its rubbish it really is i used a thin layer and it just dribbled down to my cuticles so i had to get a cotton bud and remove the excess i then applied a second coat and the same thing happened so again i cleaned it up, within an hour it had already chipped (i like to see how the polish is without a top coat the 1st time i use a new one)  I hate chipped nails :( so i removed it the next day as i was so unhappy with it! Its a shame because the colour is really lovely! I hate to complain about things ESPECIALLY as i only paid £2 for it instead of £7 but i just dont like the fact that people pay out that sort of money and get a rubbish product, please do let me know if you have used it and think differently id love to hear from you, maybe its just me haha mwah xxxxx

Snazzy Ziplets xoxo

Unique jewellery always catches my eye, and Snazzy Ziplets is as unique as it gets!!! These little bueats are made by  a young lady called Yazmin, she came up with the idea after a uni project she had to do. The Ziplets are made out of zips and can be worn either zipped up or unzipped the thing i love the most about them is the little diamante's on them, we all know i LOVE abit of sparkle ;) please follow her on twitter!/SnazzyZiplets to see all the different colours available :) She also has a little sale on at the moment EVERYTHING £7.00 if ur not really into the ziplets she also makes other jewellery like charm bracelets and necklaces heres her website were you can see all the different kinds of things she makes :) Thanks for reading all and hope you have a fab weekend :) mwah xxxxx

Thursday, 29 September 2011

MUA Cosmetics Yay or Nay?. . . . YAY ;)

As promised this is my review on MUA cosmetics :) Iv never actually owned any MUA make up before as every time iv gone out and bought make up i have never seen it but was told such good things about it by many people so thought id try my luck and ask them if they could send me any free samples to review (was thinking maybe an eyeshadow or something small like that)but to my surprise they sent me loads of there amazing new products to test out and OMG they really are fantastic, i decided to look on there website to see how many different kinds of products they have and they have hundreds of amazing different types of make up here is the link to there website i would defo recommend you check it out because they have a new £1 make up range and free delivery, how fab is that?! :D anyway here is my review.
This is a swatch of 3 colour's from Pretty Pastels Palette, i love pastel colour's especially in the summer they always look so pretty and this eye-shadow goes on really well very subtle but makes eyes look gorgeous :) 
This is the swatch from there new eXtreme Metallics collection this one is called 'Glammed Up' i LOVE the pigments in the metallics range the silver colour is gorgeous, you can really make a statement with these colour's and i LOVE statement eyes ;) 
 This one is the eXtreme Metallic 'Smokin' eye-shadow pallet my fav colour in this one is the blue one (2nd along) really stands out and goes on really nicely!! :) 
Last from the eXtreme Metallics range i received is called 'Starstruck' like the others i love this pallet, i tried the pink colour with the brown in the corners and it looked beautiful, a bit like a smokey eye but subtle anyone can pull it off :) 

This next set of swatches are from the Trio pallet's, i LOVE these ones because on the back of each pallet are some instructions of were to put each colour to give u amazing eyes. . . .
This one is a swatch from the 'Chocolate Box' Trio pallet they blend sooooo nicely, this is by far my fav colour combo i love doing smokey eyes and i think brown is the best colour to use to get the best effect without being too over the top :) 

This is the 'Passion' Trio pallet the pigments are amazing with these eye-shadows, if your looking for a brighter kind of smokey eye then this is the pallet i would recommend :)

The 2 other Trio pallets i got are 'Blue Babe' and 'Eden' both just as gorgeous as the 2 shown :)

Now moving on to some nail polish they sent me, as we all know by now im a nail polish fiend so i was really chuffed to have received 2 of there new Crackle range which is called 'Nail Quake' i got a pink colour called 'Shiver' and a silver colour called 'Shattered Ice' now iv tried ALOT of different crackle effect nail polishes and the MUA ones are by far the best iv tried they go on really smoothly and don't go clumpy and the effect you get is much better than most others iv tried  :)
I tried them both over the same base colour and the pink one looks wicked with it but i would suggest using a much darker colour with the silver as u cant really see it over the light blue, i would recommend maybe dark purple and silver crackle i think that would look amazing :) 

Im sorry i haven't done price ranges on here but as i was sent them im unsure but you can check them out yourself on the website i gave up the top, they really are not an expensive make up brand but the quality your getting is top notch ;) From now on when im searching for make up i will be looking straight for the MUA counter i have not tried there mascara or foundation BUT if there anything like there other make up they will be fantastic. Thanks again MUA cosmetics for sending me this make up i love it (and so does my mummy lol)
I really hope you enjoyed my review please let me know if you have tried any MUA cosmetics before i would love to hear your thoughts on it :) heres the link to there facebook page and heres there twitter page!/MUAcosmetics :) stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lovely Unique Gift :) xoxo

I think these bikini's are the cutest personalized bikini's iv seen :D I dont know about you but when im on holiday i always check out girls bikini's and think most of them look the same :/ but with 1 of a kind bikini's!/bjazzleboutique you will never have that problem there all so different and you can order them to your taste!!! :) i asked the owner Emma why she started doing this as a business and here is what she had to say:

I have been adding diamantes, appliques, bows and extra beads to my own bikinis for years now as I hate boring bikinis and also I had been on a few holidays were people had on the same bikini as me ( very embarrasing lol) I have sat round the pool boring my partner by pointing out everyone and letting him know where there bikini is from...primark/river island/next...well you catch my drift..

I had lots of compliments off my friends on my bikinis when they were looking at my holiday photos and when they were going away they would bring there bikinis to me and ask me to "pimp" them up. I really love coming up with ideas and colour schemes for them I was always offered money but as you do with friends I never took any.

I was doing this for a while when one of my friends suggested that I try to do them to sell. At the moment we are currently trying to save £5'000 to fund our 3rd ivf cycle so I thought that it was not a bad idea and id give it a go.

I made a facebook page brydi bjazzle bikinis, put the bikinis on my ebay to sell and then made a twitter account to try and get noticed.

I wanted to design bikinis that would stand out and that nobody else would have ( as I have never made the same bikini twice) My designs range from bikinis with lots of bling some cute ones and some sexy ones. I use appliques of different sorts I add beads, bows, crystals and diamantes and all bikinis can be personalised if customer asks.

I wanted to make my bikinis affordable for everyone so my prices range from £35 to £40 whicch is not bad for a total one of a kind unique item.

what made me want to do this blog post on 1 of a kind bikini's the most is because this young girl is doing this to help raise some money so she can become a mummy and i will do anything to help her with this :') shes an amazing woman and if your thinking of getting your friend or family member a little gift then a personalized bikini would go down fantastically :) 
This by far is my fav Bikini she does :D VERY sexy ;)

so please check out her twitter page (see above) and her facebook page for more of these amazing sexy bikini's ;) as always i hope you enjoyed this blog post :) stay beautiful mwah xxxxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Grease Be Gone. . .

Before. . . 
After :)
So i was extremely lucky to get sent out to me these 2 Batiste products, (available from superdrug for only £1.45 at the moment original price is £2.99) one is a hint of colour medium & brunette and the other is a hint of colour dark & deep brown. I recently done a blog post on Swarzkopft got2b rockin it dry shampoo and as i said i thought it was AMAZING, but this one is better purely because its available for darker hair types which means it is a brown powder instead of a white which makes such a difference, you really cant tell that its on apart from the fact you no longer have greasy looking hair lol, i really would recommend this to anyone with darker hair!!! So sorry for the poor picture but u can tell the difference it makes, i used the dark & deep brown one as my hair is quite dark but the medium one works just as fabulously :) im ready to rock another day ;) mwah xxxxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Its All About The Glossy Lips xoxo

As we all know by now im slightly obsessed with Models Own products, most of what i own of there's is nail polishes but i do own a lot of make-up and make-up brushes (best make-up brushes iv owned) and this Models Own lip gloss which is called 'Ballet Pink' is so scrumptious makes my lips so shiny as you can see from the picture :) pretty much everytime i wear this gloss i get complements on it :) i would defo recommend it if your looking for a really shiny looking gloss also it stays on for quite a while (which most glosses i find don't)  hope you have enjoyed this post and as always stay beautiful mwah xxxxx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mua Cosmetics

How spoilt am i?! I came home from spending some much needed time at my cousins house and found this gorgeous bundle of joy for me to open!!! MUA Cosmetics!/MUAcosmetics (twitter page) were soooo kind and sent me these amazing make up products for me to try out for my blog :) i was honestly so chuffed i nearly cried haha so in the week i shall be trying them all out on myself and probably my mummy (she doesnt know yet lol) and letting you all know my thoughts on them :) im so excited (im such a make up geek) also got some other bits as well which i won on twitter, some nails from Elegant Touch UK, some gorgeous lip transfers from Violent Lips!/violentlips  which are so unique so many different kinds to choose from and finally a lovely 'yummy mummy' key ring which i won from Sophie_Mais!/Sophie_Mais for my cousin Megan :) As soon as i try out my new MUA cosmetics make up i shall be doing another blog post so keep your eyes peeled for that one and will be doing a post on my Violent Lips lip transfers too :)  Stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Oops Been A While. . .:P

Hey guys hope your all doing well. I thought id tell you about my bargains I got this week :D a girl loves a bargain ;) im staying with family members for a wee while and they live on a highstreet which isnt so good for my piggy bank haha anyway they have this gorgeous boutique here called La Belle Boutique and they had a sale on so I thought id go check it out just to look (no intentions of buying anything. . .honestly :P) and she had this whole shelf full of the most gorgeous shoes ALL of which where only £10!!!!!! so i got some gorgeous black flat shoes and a stunning pair or silk creamy gold wedges! such a bargain if i paid full price it would have come to £60 instead obviously it was only £20! so i was extreamly happy with them :) also across the road from my cousins house is a huge shop called the Factory Shop which i spend about an hour in everytime i go in there, its AMAZING and I have found some amazing bargains!!! first off i got a Beautyuk bronzing pallet which is fab and it only cost me £1.50!!!! seriously such a bargain i couldnt believe it and it really is lovely goes on so nicely u get a couple lip glosses in there aswell as blushers and eyeshadows and of course brushes for the application :)
Then i got some Beautyuk nail ridge corrector, also a bargain for just £1 :) so for people like me who have had false nails and removed them making them look horrid aswel as making them very unhealthy, this is meant to help correct them and fill in the ridges (obviously lol) :/ iv not used it yet but when i do i will let you all know my verdicts on it :) The last thing i bought was some nail wraps because iv heard so much about them and i wanted to try them out and see what all the fuss is about!! I like to do my own designs by hand so thats why i havent tried them as of yet :) Again i will let you know my verdict when i have used them, they were also cheap at £3, as you can tell i really do love a bargain hehe :P hope u have enjoyed this post and as always thanks for your support :) mwah xxxxx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lacey's Gems xoxo

So i got this GORGEOUS personalized bracelet through the door last week from the lovely Lacey's Gems!/LaceysGems twitter page please follow. Website please go check it out for all her stunning jewellery :)
It has my initials on 'LC' and a little heart locket! how gorgeous is it!? I wore it to my cousins wedding and had soooo many complements on it :)
The lovely lady who owns Lacey's Gems is called Michelle, she currently works as a receptionist at a beauty salon but hopes her jewellery takes off soon so she can work from home and be with her 2 young children (little girl called Lacey, hence the name of the business), she started making jewellery for herself 4 years ago but kept getting requests from friends to make them some so it went from there. I really do believe that Lacey's Gems has the potential to make it big and would LOVE it to, Michelle really does deserve it so when your thinking of treating yourself to a fab bit if jewellery i suggest you look here first :) thanks for reading guys mwah xxxxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

There's Just Something So Relaxing About Candles. . . xoxo

A few weeks ago i was lucky enough to win some gorgeous candles from busy bee candles!/BusyBeeCandles this is there twitter page please follow them and this is there website :) Anyway i was sooooo chuffed with my 6 candles i received, with smells like mint chocolate and sweet pea they are very different from most candles. Living in a house with 3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs its hard to keep it smelling nice but when i lit these candles in the hallway i could smell them from upstairs!!! They all smelt soooo lovely, i had the most amazing bath and lit sweet pea and cinnamon and honestly the smell was beautiful i was so relaxed i nearly fell asleep :P they also do a baby powder scented candle which sounds FAB has anyone tried it yet? because id love to know your views on it :) Also they are releasing new fragrances soon one of which being lemon, which always smells so fresh to me so im sure its going to smell devine ;) Iv always had a thing about candles but i think its really hard to find candles that are reasonably priced and actually smell but with busybee they are both, for a pack of 6 candles its £4.95 which is really worth it because as i said they do smell lovely :) thanks for reading peeps :) mwah xxx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

My New Favorite Nail Design And Colour LOVE IT xXx

Omg this has to be my fav nail design EVER (saw another girl online do it and had to try and recreate) just so simple and different but beautiful! would be suitable for both a professional and a party girl ;) iv been wanting to try the more 'Dull' colour's for a while now i usually stick with bright neon polishes but this one has to be my fav Models own colour, it goes on so smoothly and yes my Elegant touch nails are on again because i did remove them (with force :/) as they were growing out too much so as you get 24 nails in a pack i used the rest up :) i had to use 2 coats of this polish as it was over a dark purple (the colour of the Elegant touch nails) but on the natural nail you could get away with just the 1 coat!!! The base coat is Models own 'Nude Beige' £5.00 then i used CK white polish £2.00 (from factory shop, such bargains there on make up) for the 'Blobs', then Models Own nail art pen £6.00 for the black outlines (which is one of the best things ever for nail designs as its so easy to use) i also ordered some other bits from Models own as they had a 50% sale off everything, so i got another polish 'Lemon Meringue' and a 5pc brush set which i cant wait to use :) Thanks for reading guys mwah xxxx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cookie Power. . . :)

So this is my first Celeb manicure although she hates it when i call her a celeb lol its Kat (Cookie Power) from big brother! shes a very good friend of mine and i think the world of her, the other day she gave me a wax (ouchy) so today i gave her a manicure, she wanted different colours on each nail lol so she had. . .
  • Purple, No. 91 (bio sculpture gel)
  • Orange, Olivia (Asos Paint)
  • Pink, Sophies Pink (Models Own)
  • Dark Purple, Blue Gem (models Own)
  • Green, Jade Stone (Models Own)
It means alot to me that she wanted me to give her a manicure as she is now a beautician and obviously has to have immaculate looking nails so its nice she trusted me to make her look 'Reem' haha. . . .If anyone would like any beauty treatments she does home visits in and around Bromley/Greenwich areas just leave me a comment and il give u prices :) she does Thai full body massages which are to die for!!!! iv had a few treatments from her now and everytime iv been happy with the outcome! hope u enjoyed reading this blog post stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxx