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Friday, 30 September 2011

I Hate To Hate But. . .

I dont really like to write negative things on here but i feel i should let people know my opinion on boots No.7 nail polish. Me and my cousin were in boots and she got given one of them vouchers giving you £5 off any No.7 products and bless her she gave it to me as she knows how much i love make up hehe :P anyway i wondered over to the No.7 counter and was having a good look when i found a lovely brown nail polish called 'Beanie' it was £7 but with the voucher i only paid £2 (which im so glad of because i would have been peed if i paid full price for it) anyway i got home and removed my polish i had on and put this one on. . . . .  its rubbish it really is i used a thin layer and it just dribbled down to my cuticles so i had to get a cotton bud and remove the excess i then applied a second coat and the same thing happened so again i cleaned it up, within an hour it had already chipped (i like to see how the polish is without a top coat the 1st time i use a new one)  I hate chipped nails :( so i removed it the next day as i was so unhappy with it! Its a shame because the colour is really lovely! I hate to complain about things ESPECIALLY as i only paid £2 for it instead of £7 but i just dont like the fact that people pay out that sort of money and get a rubbish product, please do let me know if you have used it and think differently id love to hear from you, maybe its just me haha mwah xxxxx


  1. i agree, their nail varnishes are waaay to over priced. Wrote a post on them about this too - xx

  2. oh fab hun il check it out now and im soooo glad im not the only one who thinks this :) thank you hun :) xxxx

  3. Shame, I've just got three of these polishes and love them. I hated no7 before for their nail polishes, but now mine have new formula stickers on, and i adore them! They look gorgeous and I needed one coat. I picked this colour, a pinky colour and a clear. Best polishes around :) Maybe your store had old stock? I've just posted about these yesterday on my blog.
    Lucy xxxx

  4. no hun there the 'New' ones!! (thats not my pic by the way but my phone isnt uploading pics bloody thing lol) it must just be me lol! im glad u like them though :) maybe its just that colour?! hmmm. . . xxxxx