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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Celeb Nails Again :)

I have done a previous post on my lovely friend Kats nails that i done for her not long ago, well she asked me to do them for her again today and this time she wanted GLITTER which is my fav to do as i think they look better than just normal polish! BUT of course she cant just be normal and have one colour glitter on her nails she has to have a different glitter for EVERY nail haha! so we went with blue, gold, green, pink and silver (pretty much all the colour's i own lol)
She wasnt keen on the blue glitter but i absolutely love the blue colour! 

Anyway heres the best bit of it all shes going to be on Big brothers bit on the side next Sunday and she has asked me to do her nails for then!!!!!! Im so excited my nails are going to be on TV, so please tune in to see if you can see them im hoping she has the glitter again as it really does stand out! We have to see what outfit shes going to wear before we decide on the colour of her nails for the show!
Hope you have enjoyed reading this post stay sparkly girls xoxoxox


  1. Ooo love these nails!
    Lucy x

  2. there fab aint they :D love abit of glitter hehe :) xoxoxox