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Thursday, 29 September 2011

MUA Cosmetics Yay or Nay?. . . . YAY ;)

As promised this is my review on MUA cosmetics :) Iv never actually owned any MUA make up before as every time iv gone out and bought make up i have never seen it but was told such good things about it by many people so thought id try my luck and ask them if they could send me any free samples to review (was thinking maybe an eyeshadow or something small like that)but to my surprise they sent me loads of there amazing new products to test out and OMG they really are fantastic, i decided to look on there website to see how many different kinds of products they have and they have hundreds of amazing different types of make up here is the link to there website i would defo recommend you check it out because they have a new £1 make up range and free delivery, how fab is that?! :D anyway here is my review.
This is a swatch of 3 colour's from Pretty Pastels Palette, i love pastel colour's especially in the summer they always look so pretty and this eye-shadow goes on really well very subtle but makes eyes look gorgeous :) 
This is the swatch from there new eXtreme Metallics collection this one is called 'Glammed Up' i LOVE the pigments in the metallics range the silver colour is gorgeous, you can really make a statement with these colour's and i LOVE statement eyes ;) 
 This one is the eXtreme Metallic 'Smokin' eye-shadow pallet my fav colour in this one is the blue one (2nd along) really stands out and goes on really nicely!! :) 
Last from the eXtreme Metallics range i received is called 'Starstruck' like the others i love this pallet, i tried the pink colour with the brown in the corners and it looked beautiful, a bit like a smokey eye but subtle anyone can pull it off :) 

This next set of swatches are from the Trio pallet's, i LOVE these ones because on the back of each pallet are some instructions of were to put each colour to give u amazing eyes. . . .
This one is a swatch from the 'Chocolate Box' Trio pallet they blend sooooo nicely, this is by far my fav colour combo i love doing smokey eyes and i think brown is the best colour to use to get the best effect without being too over the top :) 

This is the 'Passion' Trio pallet the pigments are amazing with these eye-shadows, if your looking for a brighter kind of smokey eye then this is the pallet i would recommend :)

The 2 other Trio pallets i got are 'Blue Babe' and 'Eden' both just as gorgeous as the 2 shown :)

Now moving on to some nail polish they sent me, as we all know by now im a nail polish fiend so i was really chuffed to have received 2 of there new Crackle range which is called 'Nail Quake' i got a pink colour called 'Shiver' and a silver colour called 'Shattered Ice' now iv tried ALOT of different crackle effect nail polishes and the MUA ones are by far the best iv tried they go on really smoothly and don't go clumpy and the effect you get is much better than most others iv tried  :)
I tried them both over the same base colour and the pink one looks wicked with it but i would suggest using a much darker colour with the silver as u cant really see it over the light blue, i would recommend maybe dark purple and silver crackle i think that would look amazing :) 

Im sorry i haven't done price ranges on here but as i was sent them im unsure but you can check them out yourself on the website i gave up the top, they really are not an expensive make up brand but the quality your getting is top notch ;) From now on when im searching for make up i will be looking straight for the MUA counter i have not tried there mascara or foundation BUT if there anything like there other make up they will be fantastic. Thanks again MUA cosmetics for sending me this make up i love it (and so does my mummy lol)
I really hope you enjoyed my review please let me know if you have tried any MUA cosmetics before i would love to hear your thoughts on it :) heres the link to there facebook page and heres there twitter page!/MUAcosmetics :) stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxx


  1. I love your blog so I've given you an award

  2. ohhh now that sounds exciting :D thanks huni mwah xxxxx

  3. I've never tried them but they look great :D

  4. neither had i before they sent them out to me but the pigments on the eye shadows are fab :D and i love the crackle polishes too :) xxxx