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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lovely Unique Gift :) xoxo

I think these bikini's are the cutest personalized bikini's iv seen :D I dont know about you but when im on holiday i always check out girls bikini's and think most of them look the same :/ but with 1 of a kind bikini's!/bjazzleboutique you will never have that problem there all so different and you can order them to your taste!!! :) i asked the owner Emma why she started doing this as a business and here is what she had to say:

I have been adding diamantes, appliques, bows and extra beads to my own bikinis for years now as I hate boring bikinis and also I had been on a few holidays were people had on the same bikini as me ( very embarrasing lol) I have sat round the pool boring my partner by pointing out everyone and letting him know where there bikini is from...primark/river island/next...well you catch my drift..

I had lots of compliments off my friends on my bikinis when they were looking at my holiday photos and when they were going away they would bring there bikinis to me and ask me to "pimp" them up. I really love coming up with ideas and colour schemes for them I was always offered money but as you do with friends I never took any.

I was doing this for a while when one of my friends suggested that I try to do them to sell. At the moment we are currently trying to save £5'000 to fund our 3rd ivf cycle so I thought that it was not a bad idea and id give it a go.

I made a facebook page brydi bjazzle bikinis, put the bikinis on my ebay to sell and then made a twitter account to try and get noticed.

I wanted to design bikinis that would stand out and that nobody else would have ( as I have never made the same bikini twice) My designs range from bikinis with lots of bling some cute ones and some sexy ones. I use appliques of different sorts I add beads, bows, crystals and diamantes and all bikinis can be personalised if customer asks.

I wanted to make my bikinis affordable for everyone so my prices range from £35 to £40 whicch is not bad for a total one of a kind unique item.

what made me want to do this blog post on 1 of a kind bikini's the most is because this young girl is doing this to help raise some money so she can become a mummy and i will do anything to help her with this :') shes an amazing woman and if your thinking of getting your friend or family member a little gift then a personalized bikini would go down fantastically :) 
This by far is my fav Bikini she does :D VERY sexy ;)

so please check out her twitter page (see above) and her facebook page for more of these amazing sexy bikini's ;) as always i hope you enjoyed this blog post :) stay beautiful mwah xxxxx

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