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Sunday, 6 May 2012

I Wish I Had A Decent Camera To Show Off My Nail And Make Up Designs :(

hey lovely people :P
its been a while sorry about that but its been my BIRTHDAY week 1st May lol
im now 23!! gosh im getting old haha, i am planning on doing a blog post on the things i got for my birthday but for now im just going to show you a nail design i done and a make up design i tried :)
i do believe other bloggers are calling this sugar (something) please let me know if you do know what it is as iv got a complete brain block haha! as my heading shows the quality of my pictures are TERRIBLE and it annoys me greatly that u cant really see the effect :( but im totally loving this design for nails!!!

you just blob some of your nail polish onto a surface and mix it a little till it becomes thicker, using a wooden cuticle stick, dip it into the mixture and drag the stringy polish over the nail until you have the desired effect :)
for the base coat i used BarryM in Raspberry, but you can use any base colour you want then choose your polishes around that colour :) i used a different colour on each nail and i loved the end result!!! There are loads of tutorials on you tube to help you if you want to try this out yourself, i would defo recommend u try it because it gives such an amazing effect but isnt too difficult :)

This is the eye make up design i did and i love it but again its a crappy picture so you cant really see the full result of how it looks! i have put this picture up of me because you can just see how much my eyes POP with this make up on, its kind of a smokey purple and i used my gorgeous eye shadows from the make up pallet my friend Romana sent me its her own make up line but sadly she doesnt make them anymore :( which is such a shame because the colours are amazing and the pigment is sensational stays on all night and morning (if you been out the night before and was naughty and didnt remove your make up before bed *whistles*)
AMAZING colours, one of my best gifts ever :D
i know this was abit of a long post but i hope you enjoyed it :)
i will return soon for my birthday post (hopefully lol) and show you all the lovely stuff i got and bought :)
stay beautiful guys
much love


  1. That's an interesting technique I would like to try.Meanwhile the eye look is gorgeous-looking! :-)

  2. aww thanks huni :) so kind of you to say :) xoxo <3