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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Erno Laszlo Is Hollywood

Hey all hope your all well and having a good week :)
iv had a little touch of Hollywood this week and it feels goooood ;)

about 2 weeks ago i won a competition on twitter from the fab Glossy box, and the prize was a good one!!!
At the time i didn't realize just how good this comp was, but when i got my prize through the post (which was a nightmare by the way as i missed the delivery then my mum said she would pick it up so i got all excited then she decided to go shopping straight after so i had to wait for her to get home which took AGES oh and because she was taking so long i decided to paint my nails just as i done them she came home with my delivery and i couldn't open it because my nails were still wet!! But i did anyway and smudged all my nails so had to redo them haha was worth it though) anyway i opened it up and even from the box i could tell this was an expensive top of the range face cream, i decided to look on there website to see what other lotions and potions they had and couldn't believe my eye's when i saw the face cream i now owned was worth £95 iv never owned something so luxurious before!!
and even more exciting than that is i found out that this face cream was used by the most gorgeous woman in the world Marilyn Monroe!!!!

its from there fabulous 'The Hollywood Collection' and its the 'morning beauty rescue' cream. its made using semi-precious gems and liquid pearls and is a gel based product!

its seriously is stunning and as we all know by now i just LOVE anything sparkly and girly and this is the perfect cream for me, its gorgeous!!! my pictures don't really do the sparkliness (i think i made that word up lol) justice but it really is very sparkly :)

because it is a product that i can imagine LOADS of celebs use i did take the picture's of the cream next to the best shoes i own lol they belong together ;)
also while i was on there website i checked out there policy's on animal testing and here is the quote from them that is on there website. . . . .

'Erno Laszlo is against animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients.
Erno Laszlo does not use animals to test its products and does not have animal testing conducted on its behalf by anyone else.
Erno Laszlo conducts our own state-of-the-art, independent tests on human volunteers to ensure that our products and ingredients are safe and worthy of your trust.
You have our assurance that all Erno Laszlo products are thoroughly tested for safety and have passed very stringent requirements.'

im sure like myself this is something that most of you will be happy to hear. its great there not testing on animals it makes me love the company even more :) Erno Laszlo is now available in Harrods so if you fancy treating yourself to something really special then check out there website :)
i have been using this now for over a week and my skin feels really soft and it goes on so smoothly its just gorgeous! if you can afford to treat yourself then i really would recommend Erno Laszlo its a little bit of Hollywood in a jar ;)
So thank you Glossy box and thank you Erno Laszlo for my stunning prize i really am so grateful and i hope you have enjoyed reading this post! 
stay beautiful guys
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