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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Not So Sleeping Beauty

OMG its 1:40am and as per usual i cant sleep :(
Sleep is so important it effects everything about you and your day, when i cant sleep my mood is massively effected, like im sure everyone else's is :(
im now so used to taking sleeping tablets they dont work on me anymore, im immune to there powers lol
i have tried everything but nothing works anymore, i could wake up at 6am but still not be able to sleep that night.
my depression has hit me hard these last few months which isnt helping my sleeping its like a vicious circle that i cant seem to get out of!!!

i will literally stay awake till 7am then finally get to sleep after getting up having a cup of tea and some toast, a couple weeks ago i was awake till 12pm lunch time then fell asleep but set my alarm for 2pm just so there was hope of getting some sleep that night, as you can imagine i was like a zombie all day!!!
does anyone have any tips on getting a better nights sleep im willing to try most things aslong as it doesnt cost money haha
if all else fails im going to have to make another trip to the doctors and get some stronger sleeping tablets which i really dont want to have to do but needs must i suppose! :(
as im typing this i can hear my mum snoring away and even my dog coco :/ everyone in my house is fast asleep apart from me and it sucks big time!!!
im getting bags under my eyes im getting constant headaches and im taking my anger and grumpyness out on the person i love the most which is my poor mummy :(
if you sleep well most nights then please count yourself lucky and blessed because it is one of the worst feelings not being able to sleep. thought id add in the 2 pictures as i loved them so much and the second one is VERY true i have 3 cats and there always sleeping haha
anyway im going to get back to America's next top model (i have watched nearly the whole series of cycle 15 tonight) ;)
night night guys
sweet dreams
stay beautiful


  1. Have you tried lavender on your pillow? Also stay away from tv/music/laptops and reading for an hour before you want to go to sleep. They all stimulate the brain :) oh and tea has a bit of caffeine in it so try herbal teas designed for night or drinking chocolate. Other than that I have no idea what could help. I agree, tablets are not a fun route to go down but I suppose if the regulate your sleeping pattern after a while they wouldn't be too bad for a short term.

  2. thank you hun for your advice :) im defo going to try the lavender i have heard it helps with sleep so will have to give it a go :) mwah xoxox