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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nail Stamp Virgin ;)

hey gorgeous people
well im sitting here flicking through ebay which is soooo dangerous for nail art lovers like myself :P
there is so much on there and its so cheap!!!
so anyway iv noticed alot of you fab bloggers use nail stamps and as iv seen LOADS on ebay im thinking im going to treat myself to a set :)
just thought id share with you my nails at the moment :) i did a brown and white polka dot mani simply because it was quick and easy as i had to rush them :)

i always love doing my nail designs by hand but there just not that good and im not very artistic i cant draw at all so im thinking i will love the nail stamps!!
im getting them from hong kong so might take a while to get to me but once iv got them im sure il do a mani and then il share it with you :)
what are your experiences with nails stamps? do you like them?
stay beautiful guys

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