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Thursday, 26 April 2012

People Who Inspire Me. . . Some Iv Never Met :P

hey gorgeous people i wanted to do a post on people who i have become to love and admire.
alot of these people are people i have never even met, but they mean so much to me i wanted to share them with you!

1st off the person who inspires me the most is of course my mummy :P iv never known such an amazing, strong loving woman in my life! she suffers ALOT with her illness, she has RA and she is constantly in pain :'( she works in a warehouse and has to lift VERY heavy things all day i just don't know how she does it! when we were little (i got 2 brothers, im the youngest) we would go stay with my Nan for a week in the summer and we didn't have a car so my mum would take us on 3 buses with a pram and 2 suit cases!!! i just wouldn't have bothered haha! anyway there's so much i could say about my mum but i would be going on forever. i just love her so much she is my reason for living shes the only person iv ever known who has never wanted to change me and never made me feel sh*t for being me (im crying while im writing this, i love her more than anyone)
im sure most of you feel the same way about your mums :) mums rule :D
another person who inspires me massively is a gorgeous lady i met through twitter her name is heather and she owns a little business called Miss Crystalize, Bling It On.
i cant remember the reason i decided to follow her but im sure it was because i saw a sparkly profile picture and thought i have to follow haha, but i must say it was one of the best decisions iv made, she has not only become a friend but shes more like a sister to me, i have never really loved someone so much that iv never actually met lol, she has also given me the most amazing shoes in the world
yes i own these bad boys haha, so as you can see she's amazingly talented aswel as being one of the most loveliest people iv known! she has had such a struggle too, i wont tell you everything but last year she nearly died and unfortunately she lost a leg, but this hasn't stopped her making something of her life and being an inspiration! i feel i can talk to her about anything and i know she wont judge me or hate me for it! heather is what true friends are made of :) il give you a link to her facebook and twitter pages at the end :)

another lovely person who inspires me is another lady i met through twitter her name is Loretta and she is a nail tech to the stars and OMG she is soooo talented i have never seen such amazing nail art in my life!!!!
heres a couple pictures of her amazing work
2 of my favs, there just so fab i love them :) i will be doing another post on Loretta soon (she was one of the 1st people i did a post on when i 1st started blogging) she sells a nail rescue kit for £20 and as my nails are soooo weak im ordering a kit from her so i will let you know my progress :)
Loretta also suffers from RA like my mum the difference is she's young! she is such a strong person though and she just inspires me everyday as she really does suffer bad with it and is in pain alot! but she still works extreamly hard and is defo a fighter! everyone loves her nails and she has made it big, she does the TOWIE girls nails and girls from hollyoaks and loads of other stars :) Loretta always makes time for me and i really look up to her especially as she is doing a job i would LOVE to do and shes so good at it :) love her to bits she is my #TwitSis ;)

now this next young lady is someone who i went to school with (when i went, i was bullied bad at school and  would try and get out of going as much as i could) her name is Penny and its odd because in school we didnt really talk much i think we had maths together at some point but im not sure! we started talking again on facebook and i now realise what an amazing inspirational person she is! shes an ambassador for CRUK a cancer research charity and has known so much hurt she has lost so many family members to cancer, she does soooo much for this charity and is just an all round amazing girl! shes so caring and always texts or tweets me to make sure IM ok even though shes going through so much hurt herself she always puts others first! i love her alot and hope one day to meet up for lunch with her to have a good old catch up shes my SATC gal ;)

and the last person im going to tell you about is the most stunning woman i think iv ever known her name is Romana, and again i first came across her on twitter but now we are such close friends i talk to her pretty much all the time on facebook and shes just a fantastic woman! shes a fashion designer and omg is she good at it! iv seen some of her FABULOUS designs and i cant wait for them to be all made and completed!!!
shes going to be huge and i really mean that shes already in talks about appearing in london fashion week ;) shes fierce and stunning, but most of all shes an amazing friend, when i have been at my lowest shes been there to help pick me and up, this girl is so kind shes even offered for me to come up and stay with her and train in her mums nail salon!!!! i mean shes never met me i could be some raving looney (most people would even agree with that haha) but she has said to me before that she can tell im a true person and its lovely that she knows i truly do care about her :) AND shes offered to make me a dress!!!!! im so excited because iv seen how amazing her dresses are
this is one of the 1st dresses made from her new collection (which by the way sold even before they were made) i cant wait and of course i will blog about it :)
also about a year ago now she sent me a present to help with my passion for beauty, her very own make up pallet with the most amazing eye-shadow's in EVER the pigment in them is fantastic and i would literally go out for the night (get abit drunk) and forget to remove my make up and the eye-shadow would be completely in tact the next morning!!
this woman has some serious talent! she also used to work for Prada, which in itself is impressive ;)
i really do love this lady so much and i wish her all the success in the world! remember that name people shes going to be HUGE

anyway im going to shut up now there are so many other people that i love dearly but iv already gone on too much lol.
the people that i have mentioned though really honestly mean the world to me and there such inspirational people i had to share them with you all! all of them have helped me in some way and got me through some tough times, for that i am grateful
stay beautiful guys
Loretta's Twitter page:!/Bella_Loretta
Loretta's Facebook page:
Heather's Twitter page:!/miss_crystalize
Heather's Facebook page:
Penny's Blog page:
Penny's Twitter page:!/pennysophia25


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