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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Monarch Wing Nails xoxo

hey lovelies :) hope your all well and having a good week :)
i got abit creative tonight and decided to try doing a monarch wing butterfly nail design and i must say i think im inlove :) im not going to lie though it took about an hour and a half for me to do, most of that time i was doing my left hand!!! (im a lefty by the way) its always so hard doing the other hand isnt it (or is that just me haha)
anyway here's the picture and as i have said in a previous post im so sorry for the crappy picture i just cant afford to get a decent camera at the moment :( but im hoping you will still get how lovely it looks :)
this is how i did this design:
1, file and prepare your nail ready for the nail polish
2, use a base coat and allow to dry
3, apply a base colour i used yellow for this look but u can use any colour's you like :)
4, get a make-up sponge apply a line of orange to the sponge and a line of red next to each other
5, press the sponge diagonally across the nail leaving a little bit of the yellow showing
6, allow your nails to dry
7, once dry use a black nail art pen and draw on the lines all the way to the side of the nail
8, put a few extra blobs of black at the end of each line
9, using a cuticle stick or anything thin blob on bits of white at the side, making sure you do some bigger blobs and some smaller blobs
10, allow to dry then apply a top coat :)
im sorry im not the best at explaining myself but im sure there are loads of tutorials on you tube for you to look at :)
also tonight i decided i wanted to show off my nail polishes so i dont have to search around in a big box for a colour i want and this is my new nail polish display
not as much as alot of beauty bloggers out there but there still a hefty load there but as most of you girls know you can never have enough nail polish!!!! if i could afford to id buy a new polish everyday haha
most of my polishes i get are from in the sale!! i have got models own polishes for £2 before BARGAIN! :)
if you have any pictures of your polish stash id love to see them :)
hope you have enjoyed this post
stay beautiful guys
much love