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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

3 Time's In One Night . . . ;)

omg please tell me im not the only one who will paint there nails then paint them again because there not happy with the end result?!
well i did it 3 times tonight!! (painted my nails that is, you naughty lot haha) they were orange with black and silver stripes but they didnt look great to me so i removed it then i painted them with a new polish i bought today (Sally Hansen, hard as nails, hard as wraps) as it was £2 it was a gorgeous red colour and i wanted to try it out as alot of people seem to use it when i look on there blogs :) but i was really disappointed :( it started to chip almost instantly and it still felt wet after an hour :/ so i removed that  and now my nails are sparkly black! i used another polish i bought today and it was a real bargain its CKlein and the colour is called Tutu :) its such a gorgeous polish i love it and the best part? it was only £2 rrp is £11 so defo had to get it :)
yes the picture quality is RUBBISH but u can still see the sparkles in the bottle :) they look lovely and sparkly on the nails too :)
im liking it so far so i think il leave this polish on for tonight haha
anyone else do this? or is it just me?


  1. I do this all the time its crazy ...we clearly have too much time on our hands!

  2. don't worry darling, you're not the only one. i once did this at a salon, i made them re paint my nails and they hated me haha. it has to be perfect! :)

  3. great post!



  4.'re definitely not the only one. Beautiful color by the way. You can check mi blog out on

  5. Great choice of varnish! Love it. x