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Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Nails!!!

Hey lovely people :) I know its been long again but still not in the best of places to be honest with you all!
Iv noticed though that iv had ALOT of views from the USA recently even more than the UK which is very odd and something that has really impressed me and put a smile on my face :D
Anyway getting back to why im here lol :P I was having a bad day the other day and decided to lock myself in my room for a while stick some CSI on and do something crazy with my nails (as you do)
And this is what i came up with . . . .

Excuse the mess around the nail's I hadn't cleaned up when i took the pic!!!
I had seen a similar thing on google images (I look on there quite abit for inspiration) it's the best place to go to if your looking for something 'different' to do on your nails, so anyway I had a go myself and this is the result the cool thing is u can draw the lines on any which way and pick any colour's you like :)
I went for loads of different kinds of colour's instead of going for a certain trend like pastel's or neon's I just mixed and matched haha
I used my Models Own black nail art pen to do the lines but I can also recommend MUA's liquid eyeliner it works amazing and the brush is so thin u can get a great line :) After I drew on the lines and was happy I carefully coloured in the little sections with a different colour, I then used a top coat (Avon) to keep it in place for aslong as possible :)
It defo was a talking point had so many people say how much they loved them and they really do stand out :) so if you like something abit funky and 'out there' then these are the way to go :)
stay beautiful guys


  1. I love your nails. Especially the glittery bits :)

    Sorry to here you are having a hard time. Hope things pick up for you soon. Getting compliments on your nails always makes you feel better :D

  2. aww thank you so much for your kind words hun :) im now following your blog too :) mwah xoxo

  3. I just love geometrical nail designs! Your nails look amazing!! I bet they catch everyone's eye ;) I hope this hard time passes for you very soon! xoxo

  4. thank you so much huni :) <3 and im sure things will look up soon lovely comments on my blog like your one helps me alot :) xxxxx

  5. Hey I can't find your email address but I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. I really think your blog deserves it. The details are on my blog under Blog awards.

  6. thank you so much huni :) so kind mwah xoxox