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Friday, 23 March 2012

Every Girl Needs A Izanagi Dress ;)

Hey beautiful peeps :)
Hope your all well and enjoying the warm weather!!!
I have come across a FABULOUS Fashion designer I wanted to share with you all his name is Danny and he is the owner of Izanagi Fashion, now I came across this lovely man on Twitter and he really is a sweetheart and has amazing talent, just look at these gorgeous dresses
This one is a Black Drape Dress and its on sale for only £25.00!!!! (fab little black dress)
Another gorgeous little black dress unfortunately the black is out of stock at the moment but its available in Red for £30.00 :)
 I love this dress its simple but ultra sexy available on sale for only £40.00!!!

This is my fav dress!!!! :P I LOVE the ruffle detail on the bottom and the cut of it, Its on sale for only £40.00 and available in Orange and Purple (purple is my fav i think)

Now this is such a sexy dress its a 1 armed dress and its stunning I love the Khaki colour and cut out bit at the cleveage, its not too much and keeps it elegant but at the same time VERY sexy! This one is available for £40.00
Not only does he do dresses he also does this very unique 'hoody'
You can get it for £25.00 in the sale sizes range from 6-14 in the zipper hoody but the dresses come in sizes 6-18 which is fab for the more curvy girls like myself!!!
Im going to be honest with you and say i don't usually wear dresses, not because I don't like them but because I feel like im too big to wear them (if that make's sense lol) I always see such stunning dresses about and think to myself how much i would love to wear them and Izanagi's dresses are some of my fav to date!!! I absolutely love these dresses and I honestly do think they would love lovely on all shapes and sizes!!! While the sales on girls id hurry up and get yourself an Izanagi piece to show off ;) But that's another great thing about Izanagi Fashion its affordable, you wont break the bank but you will look amazing and stylish :)
For all you girls out there who have a partner then Izanagi are soon to be releasing a fab new men's range so you can kit your fella out too ;)
Follow Izanagi Fashion on Twitter to find out more about his fab piece's and when the men's range will be available:!/Izanagi_Fashion!/izanagiPR
Also you can like his Facebook page:
And if your interested in buying any of his fab designs then check them out here on his website:
Thanks for reading everyone and hope you enjoy your weekend :)
Stay beautiful


  1. Nice dresses! Thanks for sharing!
    These kind of dresses are also easily available online..Cheap and best!.