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Monday, 14 May 2012

My Favorite America's Next Top Model Picture's Of All Time :)

hey gorgeous people, iv got an addiction and its a bad one!!!
im obsessed with America's Next top model (ANTM) i really am iv watched each cycle and im now watching them over again from cycle 1 :/ its bad isnt it!!
you would think that it would help me lose weight seeing all those skinny girls but it hasnt haha
anyway i just wanted to share with you my all time favorite pictures from the series :)
so here goes :)

this is Allison from cycle 12 and she did the All stars cycle too :) now i didnt realise till i was looking through all the pictures that Allison (along with Yoanna) is my all time favorite contestant!!! shes amazingly stunning and so odd looking but im just drawn to her! her eyes are just amazing!!!! she was seen as abit weird on the show because she had a love for blood (which is defo weird but aint we all abit odd?! i know i am haha)
seriously just look at them pictures of her!! truly amazing, anyway my next picture is one of my all time FAV pictures and one of my fav contestants :)
this picture is sooo fierce i LOVE it her cheekbones are amazing this is Yoanna from cycle 2 she actually went on to win the show which i was very pleased about ':)
This is mercedes from cycle 2 also she came second and i really think she is stunning not only was she gorgeous outside she was such a sweet girl and was going through alot as she suffers with Lupus :( theres a website here which you can learn all about lupus and its symptoms its a horrid thing to have to deal with but she did it with such maturity!
this is Adrianna from cycle 1 she won the show and im not surprised with this picture! its such a stunning photo and her body looks amazing here as does her face, with pics like this its hard not too look pornographic or slutty but i really dont think she looks that way at all, really is a gorgeous pic :)
this is the winner of cycle 16 Brittani i love this photo, her eyes look immense, her hands look abit big here lol but seriously is a stunning shot :)
This is elysse from cycle 1 i didnt much like her attitude really and outside of pictures i thought she was quite unattractive but i think this photo is amazing her eyes look fab with that make up and the snake makes it look  edgy :)
this is hannah from cycle 16, this picture is amazing the leopard is gorgeous, i usually love the animals shoots in ANTM they make it alot harder for the models :P and they make photos look that much more stunning :) i love hannahs hair its wild and bushy and i love her dark make up its all fab :D

this is jaslene from cycle 8 she won this cycle and i was really happy about that as there was something about this girl that caught my eye she was edgy and soooo stunning i loved the way she talked aswel for some reason haha! this shot is SEXY i love it #Beautiful :)

This is Rae from cycle 13 the petite cycle, this photograph is so stunning i love it, its so high fashion and angelic <3 she looks amazing and i love her legs :)
now this picture iv put up because i think it has to be one of my fav make overs!!!! this is natasha and i dont know about you but i think dark hair and a sharp fringe looks sooooo much better on her :) just thought id share this picture :)

now the next 2 pictures are the worst 1 of them was an actual picture taken on a shoot and the other was from judging...
this picture is not pleasant! i know to be a top model you have to be skinny but theres skinny then there's SKINNY and this girl looks ill her name is annamaria she was in cycle 15! she was eliminated after this shoot because they were concerned for her health! she didnt think she was too skinny and felt like she needed to lose more weight :( its so sad that people feel like this!!!
now this is Ann from cycle 15 she actually won this cycle and i really liked ann as a person she was really sweet and had been bullied most her life :( now as skinny as she is her brother was the same build as her so im thinking its just a family thing! she said she had issues with her weight all her life and couldnt put wight on no matter how hard she tried! her waist was TINY and to me it wasnt attractive but hey if thats what the fashionista's like then so be it :)

anyway i hope you have enjoyed reading this post :)
if you have any fav photos or models from the show then i would love to hear from you :)
stay beautiful girls (and fierce) ;)

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