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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lacey's Gems xoxo

So i got this GORGEOUS personalized bracelet through the door last week from the lovely Lacey's Gems!/LaceysGems twitter page please follow. Website please go check it out for all her stunning jewellery :)
It has my initials on 'LC' and a little heart locket! how gorgeous is it!? I wore it to my cousins wedding and had soooo many complements on it :)
The lovely lady who owns Lacey's Gems is called Michelle, she currently works as a receptionist at a beauty salon but hopes her jewellery takes off soon so she can work from home and be with her 2 young children (little girl called Lacey, hence the name of the business), she started making jewellery for herself 4 years ago but kept getting requests from friends to make them some so it went from there. I really do believe that Lacey's Gems has the potential to make it big and would LOVE it to, Michelle really does deserve it so when your thinking of treating yourself to a fab bit if jewellery i suggest you look here first :) thanks for reading guys mwah xxxxx


  1. Love it hun, Your a lucky girl. Sirenmoonbee off Twitter xx

  2. aww thanks hun i am shes so lovely bless her! mwah xxxxx