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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Oops Been A While. . .:P

Hey guys hope your all doing well. I thought id tell you about my bargains I got this week :D a girl loves a bargain ;) im staying with family members for a wee while and they live on a highstreet which isnt so good for my piggy bank haha anyway they have this gorgeous boutique here called La Belle Boutique and they had a sale on so I thought id go check it out just to look (no intentions of buying anything. . .honestly :P) and she had this whole shelf full of the most gorgeous shoes ALL of which where only £10!!!!!! so i got some gorgeous black flat shoes and a stunning pair or silk creamy gold wedges! such a bargain if i paid full price it would have come to £60 instead obviously it was only £20! so i was extreamly happy with them :) also across the road from my cousins house is a huge shop called the Factory Shop which i spend about an hour in everytime i go in there, its AMAZING and I have found some amazing bargains!!! first off i got a Beautyuk bronzing pallet which is fab and it only cost me £1.50!!!! seriously such a bargain i couldnt believe it and it really is lovely goes on so nicely u get a couple lip glosses in there aswell as blushers and eyeshadows and of course brushes for the application :)
Then i got some Beautyuk nail ridge corrector, also a bargain for just £1 :) so for people like me who have had false nails and removed them making them look horrid aswel as making them very unhealthy, this is meant to help correct them and fill in the ridges (obviously lol) :/ iv not used it yet but when i do i will let you all know my verdicts on it :) The last thing i bought was some nail wraps because iv heard so much about them and i wanted to try them out and see what all the fuss is about!! I like to do my own designs by hand so thats why i havent tried them as of yet :) Again i will let you know my verdict when i have used them, they were also cheap at £3, as you can tell i really do love a bargain hehe :P hope u have enjoyed this post and as always thanks for your support :) mwah xxxxx


  1. hey was planning to get this palette. thanks for the review :) lovely blog.. following u now :)


  2. aww thanks hun and it really is fab especially for £1.50 u cant go wrong :) let me know what you think about it wont you :) xxxx