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Sunday, 4 September 2011

My New Favorite Nail Design And Colour LOVE IT xXx

Omg this has to be my fav nail design EVER (saw another girl online do it and had to try and recreate) just so simple and different but beautiful! would be suitable for both a professional and a party girl ;) iv been wanting to try the more 'Dull' colour's for a while now i usually stick with bright neon polishes but this one has to be my fav Models own colour, it goes on so smoothly and yes my Elegant touch nails are on again because i did remove them (with force :/) as they were growing out too much so as you get 24 nails in a pack i used the rest up :) i had to use 2 coats of this polish as it was over a dark purple (the colour of the Elegant touch nails) but on the natural nail you could get away with just the 1 coat!!! The base coat is Models own 'Nude Beige' £5.00 then i used CK white polish £2.00 (from factory shop, such bargains there on make up) for the 'Blobs', then Models Own nail art pen £6.00 for the black outlines (which is one of the best things ever for nail designs as its so easy to use) i also ordered some other bits from Models own as they had a 50% sale off everything, so i got another polish 'Lemon Meringue' and a 5pc brush set which i cant wait to use :) Thanks for reading guys mwah xxxx


  1. I love this design :)
    Lucy x

  2. thanks gorgeous me 2 its defo my fav one for a long time :) xxxx

  3. Love the colors you chose ;) And the fact that you did only an accent nail, looks very cool :)
    Thanks for that lovely comment you left know you are really talented too! You shouldn´t cut yourself short ;)

  4. aww thanks babe means alot coming from such a talented young lady :) and your welcome i LOVED the union jack nails will be trying that one myself :D xxxx