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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Very Elegant?

I'v always LOVED long nails and the only time i have long nails is if i have acrylic nails because mine just don't grow they are sooooo weak, but due to not having any money i haven't been able to afford infills so had to take them all off, it was a sad day lol! Anyway i was lucky enough to win a elegant touch comp on twitter!/ElegantTouchUK and the prize was there new limited addition matt nails in a gorgeous purple colour RRP £6.45 (boots) the last time i tried false nails from a packet must have been about 6 years ago! but i was very excited to try them out, last Friday i put them on as i was going away for the week and i didnt expect them to last to long but thought it would be nice for the weekend at least, well to my surprise they are still on!!!!!!!!!!! and look AMAZING everyone who has seen them thinks they are my real nails they look so natural as u can see from the picture, BEST false nails iv ever owned and would highly recommend, especially if ur short on money and cant afford acyrilics! i think from now on im going to stick with elegant touch glue on nails as they are fairly priced and last AGES!  As you can see from the picture iv added alittle bit of sparkle to them and they look fantastic i LOVE them!! please let me know if you have tried them and what u think :) mwah xxxxx


  1. the purple nails look amazing, and so natural! :)

  2. thanks hun they really do dont they!!! love them!! mwah xxxx

  3. They looks real :)
    Lucy x

  4. i know!!! love them they are still on 2day lol! been a week now! excellent value for money :D xxxxxx