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Sunday, 14 August 2011

I like to call these my 'Rainbow Eyes' i love the colours so much and its simple but easy to do! all the pics u see of my eye make i have done iv done using make up from Romana Boutique please find her on facebook! :) xxxx


  1. OMG I'm a Beauty Therapist by trade, and Nail Tech before my Hip surgeries rendered me unable to work. And this Make-up application is AWESOME!! You definitely should be doing this for a JOB! I haven't seen any application this correct, smooth and precise for years!

  2. OMG thank u so much means so much to me that you think that!!! i honestly dont bleave im that good but you saying that has made me abit more confident in myself! thank you for checking out my blog and following mwah xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. It is awesome, in fact they all are, Super impressed and this has to be the job you go for. Make-up artist all the way!