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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My Heart Beads xoxo

So i was lucky enough to come across this gorgeous little business on Twitter called Heart_Beads!/Heart_Beads <<<< her twitter page please follow :) anyway the lovely lady Katie who owns heart beads announced she was doing a competition for your chance to win one of her gorgeous bracelets,  the comp details were. . . if you could name a bracelet what would you name it and what colour would it be? so i thought about this for all of 1 second and decided it would have to be called Lesley-Boo and it would be purple, Lesley is my late nans name and boo is my mums nickname so it was perfect (in my mind) and purple was my nans favorite colour! i entered and was soooo lucky to have won the comp and the prize was to have that bracelet specially made for me, needless to say i was so pleased and felt quite tearful as my nan was my world and to have something specially made in her name meant so much to me! she also asked what sort of things my nan liked so i told her angels and she always had a cross on her necklace which i now own and wear every day, and those are the gorgeous bracelets she sent me in the picture above :) i dont think she realises how grateful i am for them and i KNOW my nan would have loved them! if your looking for a special gift for someone Heart Beads is the place to look ! She is now doing jewellery for Paloma Curren from TOWIE which is VERY impressive :) stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxx

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