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Friday, 19 August 2011

Cow or Dog?!

Ok so when i done these dalmation was running through my mind but everyone who saw them always said they thought they looked like cow print :/ i wasnt happy about this at first but then i realised everyone who said this seemed to really love them so im getting over it haha! these are soooo easy to do anyone can do it, just simply paint ur nails with white nail polish i used Rimmel here and then using a nail art pen i used Models Own just make random littledots but make sure there not to neat otherwise it will just look like polka dot which is still cool but not what we are aiming for lol! Anyway make sure u apply a top coat just because they last longer if you do :) please let me know if you do try these out and send me a pic i would love to see :) stay beautiful mwah xxxx


  1. These are cute :D I'd say more dalmation :D
    Lucy xx

  2. YAY im glad u think that hun :) i love them :) xxxxx

  3. Yeah, I agree with Lucyy, it looks more Dalmatian :) It sorta looks like a cow, but deffo more dalmatian! :) It looks fab! You're really good at nail art! :D
    Bex XxX

  4. aww wicked YAY :) and thanks my lovely means alot u think that mwah xxxxx