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Friday, 19 August 2011

Got To Be Rockin It?! YES!!!

I went to my local chemists to pick up my prescription and i noticed they had some reduced items and i can never resist a sale like most girls hehe :) anyway i came across this Schwarzkopf Got2b Rockin'it Encore Fresh dry shampoo at £2.99 i thought i might aswel treat myself as my hair gets greasy after just 1 day, and i HATE having to wash my hair everyday as its not good for the hair!! So the next day i thought i would try it out and see if it actually works as i was abit skeptical and to my amazement it really does work!!!! it made my hair smell delish aswel!!! i went the whole day and it still looked and smelt fresh!!!! im staying with my cousin for the week and of course i had to bring my dry shampoo, anyway she decided to go out for a meal tonight with her husband and was complaining about her hair being to greasy so i suggested she used my dry shampoo she first said 'no il just stick it up' but i told her she has to try it!!! So i put it in for her which is so simple to do you just spray it over the greasy parts and rub it in with your finger tips  then brush it out, She was so shocked she couldn't beleave it!! She has very light Blonde hair and i have dark brown hair and it works just aswel for both but id say slightly better for blonde hair :) she has now put it on her shopping list and is taking it away on holiday with her!! Dry Shampoo is  a Must for everyone and especially mummys and full time workers :) mwah xxxx


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I always wondered if this works and now I´m really glad to know, that it does work! It´s on my shopping list now! :D

  2. aww wicked im sooo glad huni :) it was amazing honestly loved it!!!! mwah xxxxx