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Monday, 22 August 2011

I Admit I Have A Shoe Addiction ;)

So i came across this lovely lady on twitter who makes the most amazing crystalized shoes (all done by just the one lady) as you can see from the pic!!!!/TheCrystalB_ <<< this is her twitter page please follow :) Iv always had a shoe addiction and im sure i dont see shoes the way 'normal' people do :/ i absolutly love shoes and the higher the better although im not saying i can walk very well in them haha! as u can probably tell from my nails i also love glitter and sparkle so to say i fell inlove with her shoes is an understatement, if i ever was lucky enough to own a gorgeous pair of shoes like this i dont think id take them off my feet!!!! (this is the time i wish i had a boyfriend haha)  She also does baby shoes as u can see and they are the CUTEST little bubba shoes i ever did see :P It always helps these businesses if they are friendly and genuine and she really is a lovely lass who i can see BIG things for in the future. This is her facebook page please like so you can see more of her amazing shoes!! But be warned i did have a slight shoe orgasm when i looked! :P stay beautiful guys mwah xxxxxxx


  1. omg they´re so beautiful! i want the pink ones !! :D

  2. The first pair is gorgeous! I want a pair!
    Lucy x

  3. haha i know!!!!!!! add her on facebook and look at the other shoes, there AMAZING!!! :) mwah xxxxx