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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Models Own it?? YES!

So i must own about 50 different nail polishes and about 25 of them are Models Own! I first discovered Models own on they had a beautiful little models own set which included a nail polish, lip gloss and a 6 way nail buffer i think i paid something silly like £2.50 for them! which is an amazing bargain because they really are fab quality and so affordable, there polishes are only £5.00! My fav polish colour of all time is red 'n' black! it really is lovely and always goes on so nicely as with all there polishes! One of the things that drive me MAD is chipped nails and these polishes stay in tact for days! I think this is the reason i love them so much, im always looking on asos for models own sale items because they really are worth it! i also just ordered some from there website as they have an amazing 50% off sale if u spend over £20! (just quote FIFTYFIFTY at the checkout, ends soon) so iv ordered myself 2 polishes (nude beige and lemon meringue) and a 5 piece brush set, it would have cost me £20.00 but with the discount it was £12.95 (inc P&P)  now thats a saving! if i had more money i could have quite easily ordered £100's worth of stuff, but i had to stop myself haha. When im doing other peoples nails they always route through my nail polishes and 99.9% of the time they pick a models own polish! iv also owned there lip gloss which is AMAZING sooooo shiny and stays on for ages and there eye shadows is fab as well although it does crease sometimes (but im not complaining as there good value for money) if anyone ever asks me to recommend them a nail polish brand one of the firsts ones i say is models own!! please let me know if you have ever tried models own and what you think about it as id love to know :) mwah xxxxxxxx


  1. I haven't ordered any yet! Last day isn't it tomorrow of the sale? Ahh i need to stop spending.
    Lucy x

  2. haha i know hun im the same but i cudnt resist its an amazing offer isnt it!!! and i think they may have expanded the sale coz of the high response they got!! :) xxx

  3. wow, i'm deffo gonna take a look at their website!! what colours do you think are the best? xxxx

  4. well my FAV at the moment is defo nude beige but if i ever do my family or friends nails they always pic red 'n' black which is a gorgeous colour too! if ur looking for a bright colour id say sophie's pink :) xxxx