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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Scruffy Little Cat

How cute are these bags!!!!! im loving them, theres so many of these kind of personalized bags about and Scruffy little cat has to be one of my fav's! I think the reason why is because of the HUGE lashes she puts on the faces sooo girly ;)
Love this one because i have a huge love of leopard print and of course cocktails ;) 

Heres the gorgeous Amy Childs with a Scruffy Little Cat bag whilst on holiday in Marbella :)

I think these bags would be great for when your going on holiday :) perfect for the beach,
You can get the done with your name on and you can choose the hair and eye colour which is cool
The bags start from around £25 i think which is fab as its not too expensive!!
They also do cards, boots and fragrances aswel as other beautiful things so would defo recommend you check out there website :)
Heres the link to there
stay beautiful girls


  1. Lovely post as always hun xx
    Their bags are cute :) love all the extra details

  2. I love these bags they are sooooooo cute ♥ plz follow my blog =) New to it all xx

  3. thanks girly's and im on my way now Sarah :) xxxxxxx