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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Im Really Not Pleased :(

well as you know from my last post i got my nails done last thursday and the nail tech filed so much it went down to my skin under the nail (yes major OUCH) lol anyway thats not the only problem im having with these particular set of nails, with acrylics u expect them to last long hence why u pay a stupid amount of money!!!
well about 4 of the 10 nails are hanging on by a thread! they are coming away from the sides and it has REALLY pissed me off (excuse my language) iv had them done from this place quite a few times and never had a problem but this time the quality is rubbish, i really wanted to treat myself and get my nails done as havent been able to afford them for ages so i really am quite upset about it :(
i hate having nails hanging off as i just want to pick at it all the time!!! iv filed the sides down and put glue over the edge but its not helping :'( anyone else had a bad set done before??
anyway i just wanted to vent abit as im really not pleased and i know my fellow beauty addicts would understand my annoyance lol
hope your all well
stay beautiful guys
mwah xoxoxoxoxoxox


  1. I'd go back and complain, doesn't sound like they did a good job!

  2. Oh no poor you! I would go back and complain too....I'm currently training in beauty therapy and this is NOT acceptable!! Get mad with them!
    Good luck! xx

  3. i know girls im really not happy but im not brave enough to go in and complain :( does feel like a huge waste of money though! xxxxx