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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Peter Andre Kissed Me ;)

Hey everyone hope you all had an amazing christmas and a drunken new year ;)
mine was pretty amazing i got a kiss off of Peter Andre!!!!!!!!! We went to his cafe in East Grinstead for my cousins birthday we wernt really expecting him to be there but he came just as we were leaving so we chased him (yes chased him LOL) round to the car park and i must say he is one of the loveliest blokes ever was soooo friendly and kind :) anyway here my pic. . .
I know i look like such a tw*t but i was shaking and way over excited haha.
Yeah so that was pretty good i got way to drunk new years which had me smash my nose into a toilet but lets not get into that LOL
So today i went and got my nails done i havent had false nails for AGES and iv been really missing them so thought i would treat myself :) well it turned out to be abit of a nightmare, some nail techs seem to get abit file friendly and the woman i had today was just that!!!! She filed my nail so much it actually went through to my skin under the nail :'( it REALLY hurt and iv now had to bandage it up with some savlon so it doesnt get infected!!!! 

So major ouchie's today! I know false nails ruin ur natural nail but wasnt expecting that, you know the sad thing though? it hasnt put me off!!!! I just love false nails they make me feel alot more feminine and my designs  look alot better on longer nails! 
Anyway sending lots of love to u all
stay beautiful guys mwah xoxoxox


  1. Aw thats terrible about the nail! Silly salon girl -.-. Hopefully I don't do that to anyone :')


  2. as much as i cant stand the guy, thats cute :)
    and lovely pic. Hope your fingers better now xxx