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Friday, 13 January 2012

Im Inlove With Love Umbrella's

As most of my blog followers know it just love's to rain in England, i must admit i do love the rain i find it really relaxing and very peaceful!!!! Most 'normal' people hate winter because its so cold and always looks so miserable out but i really do love it, snow, rain, thunderstorms, the lot! I hate summer its too hot and all the nasty spiders and insects come out and bug me! i hate not being able to sleep and i hate sweating my make up off YUCK!

Just thought id share a few winter pics there :)

ANYWAY lets get back to why im writing this blog post shall we, as i said i love the rain but being stuck out in it is another story!!!! I have come across the most AMAZING company though to help with this there called Love Umbrella's and i must honestly say i have never seen such gorgeously unique umbrellas in my life, everytime i go into shops or online and see umbrellas for sale they never quite match up to Love Umbrellas!!!!!
Heres a few of my fav umbrellas available to buy
I love butterflies there such pretty creatures and they are really girly this umbrella is ivory with gold butterflies and its only £21!!!!
This one is gorgeous its white with black bows and its available for £28!!!
Love this one as you all know by now im a sucker for sparkle and this umbrella is just sooo girly and pink i love it its £25!!!!
Here is a shoot with Love Umbrellas and Muddz Wellies which i featured in a blog post recently (both essential for winter)
P&P for these are around £3 i do believe and there just the most gorgeous accessory for any girl also amazing for weddings! They have childrens ones available too :D
When i got some spare money i will be investing in one of these as there so fabulous i think every girl should own one ;)
Heres the links to there
Twitter page!/LoveUmbrellas
Facebook page
and there Website
Happy shopping girls ;)
stay beautiful


  1. I feel the same way :) I just love the winter and the rain, snow..just beautiful! And those umbrellas are so adorable !! :D Great post ;)

  2. ahhh im glad me and you are on the same page haha its very hard to find people who like winter!!!! and yes i totally agree the brollies are beautiful :) thanks huni mwah xxxxxxx