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Monday, 23 January 2012

I Think I Have Been Sugar Poked :P

So i was kindly sent out some amazing little treats to try from this really sweet business Sugar poke Uk, i have been following her on twitter for ages now and shes the lovliest lady EVER lets call her Shirley hehe ;)
Anyway im not going to lie i was in heaven trying these gorgeous treats, BUT i was forced yes forced into letting my mum try them too (i wasnt happy about it LOL) so in this post im going to tell you what my mum thought of them aswel as me :)

I got this lovely Thank Ewe card aswel which is a really nice touch i think makes it more personal :)
Mmmmmm mouth watering ;)
ok so the 1st one i tried was 'Anyone for Tiffin' the ingredients are.... biscuit, sultanas, honeycomb pieces and chocolate.
My Verdict: this was very yummy and quite rich im not a massive fan of darker chocolate but i really enjoyed this i love honeycomb and this made it extra enjoyable for me, 7/10  :)
Mummy Lorraine's verdict: the sweetness of this one was just right for me it wasnt too sweet and i found it VERY moreish, 8/10 :)
2nd is '(Choc) chip off the old block' it is butter shortbread stuffed with choc chips chunks and then sprinkled with abit of sugar :)
My verdict: WOW this was bloody yummy the biscuit just melted in my mouth, i do love abit of shortbread so i have tried quite alot but honestly? this was the nicest bit of shortbread iv ever tasted and with the added choc pieces it just made it better nom, nom, nom!!! 9/10 
Mummy Lorraine's verdict: ohhhhhh this was soooo tasty!! it just melted in my mouth, would defo buy it again one of the best shortbread biscuits iv tried!!! 9/10 :)
Last but by no means least is 'Brilliant Brownie' made with delicious chocolate and real butter soooo MOIST!!!
My verdict: OMG this is the yummiest brownie i have EVER tasted it was gorgeous i really didnt want to give any to my mum but for the sake of the blog and you followers i allowed her a piece haha! honestly was so yummy the middle was moist and so chocolaty i must say brownies are my fav so i knew i would love this one but didnt realise how much lol! would defo recommend getting the brownie when you order you wont regret it!! 10/10 pure chocolate orgasm ;) 
Mummy Lorraine's verdict: Best brownie i have ever had! not just saying it but it was so moist, im not really a brownie person unlike Lucy because i find them to be really dry but i would have these again any day! 10/10

So as you have already guessed my fav one was the brownie but they were all so lovely!!! If your stuck for a birthday present or a valentines gift then i would say get some of these there just so lovely your be wanting more and more haha!
Mummy Lorraine's fav: it was a hard choice but had to be the brownie was just mouth watering, loved it :)

here is the info u need if u would like to be sugar poked ;)
Twitter link:!/SugarPokeUK
Facebook link:
Website link:

Please let me know if you have ordered from here before id love to know what you think and if you do order i can assure you it will be money well spent. . . . .go on treat yourself ;)
stay beautiful guys


  1. I need some !!! Yummy xx

  2. oh hun they are seriously yummy lol defo get some :) nom nom nom haha xxx