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Friday, 16 March 2012

How Kind....

Hey gorgeous girlie's I hope your all well and have had a fab week :)
This post is about a lovely company who i met on twitter called Lacey's Gems, now iv been following her for quite some time and have loved the beautiful sparkly things she makes, you may remember a previous post about a gorgeous personalized bracelet she sent me

Here's the pictures just in-case you didn't see it ;) soooo pretty I think you will agree :P
Anyway as you may have read from a few previous posts I have been having an awful time! I spoke to a few of my Twitter followers about how I was feeling and they made me feel so much better just by showing they care (its like a little family on there for anyone who doesn't use it) I hadn't actually spoke to Michelle at Lacey's Gems but she must have seen some of my tweets to other followers because one day I woke up and found a little parcel at my door, I hadn't ordered anything or wasn't expecting anything so I was intrigued to see what is was, well Michelle had sent me some GORGEOUS earring's with a little note saying how she noticed I had been having a bad time and she sent me some earrings to try and cheer me up!!!!!!!
I couldn't actually believe it! Most people these days don't just do things out of the kindness of there heart, I was so chuffed I had a lil tear in my eye lol
The picture doesn't show them any justice as they are sooooo sparkly :)
As I said before i was so shocked to have got them, I want to thank Michelle for her kindness, I love them so much and they really did cheer me up massively :')
PLEASE give this lovely lady a follow on Twitter:!/LaceysGems
Like her page on Facebook:
And checkout her awesome website:
For more of her amazing jewellery and even her crystallizing service she now does :)
Thanks for reading
Stay beautiful girls


  1. Glad to hear your feeling better! Such a lovely gift too x

  2. Ahh thank you hun :) yes i love them :) hope your well mwah xoxo

  3. Ohh wow really nice accessories! Bracelet looks so good! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. wow, What a gorgeous gesture and such pretty earings! I hope it cheered you up :)

  5. thanks it really did cheer me up and there gorgeous aint they :D xxxx