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Friday, 16 March 2012

Pet's Leave Paw Print's On Your Heart xoxo

This is my lovely dog Tye snuggling up to my nephews teddy haha, the reason im writing this post is because i want everyone to know about my lovely dog :) She's been with me since i was about 8yrs old!!!! We got her from Battersea dogs home when she was about 2/3 they were not too sure about her age, She was bought in by a young couple who said they couldn't look after her as they were out ALL the time she was kept in a box room all day and all night bless her, in my opinion they lost out on the BEST dog in the world, but im bloody glad they did give her up!! She has been sooooo good never messed in the house (unless shes had a bad belly) but even then its by the back door!!!
Shes never eaten any of my shoes (unlike my other doggy Coco) shes never chewed up any furniture either, all in all shes fantastic!! I decided to write this blog lastnight as it made me sad because shes now almost completely deaf and is going blind :'( Its hard work looking after a doggy who is deaf i have now started doing sort of sign language to her haha which she has picked up well :P she hears high pitched noises so shes not completely deaf which is good but now when im calling her i feel like im shouting at her telling her off!!!!!
I think if you have a pet you should spoil them and this dog is SPOILT like all my other pets, I have 3 cats (Flitty, Boobs and Gammy, yes i have a cat called boobs long story hahaha) 2 dogs (Tye and Coco) and 2 guinea pigs (Posh and Ginger) so I have a pretty full house lol but I wouldnt have it any other way :D
She sleeps on my bed like here ^^^ and she does get abit cold sometimes so she has a blanket (told u she is spoilt lol) she doesnt like to sleep on her own bless her :) She gets Christmas presents even from my neighbour and she gets a special dinner on her birthday which we have just put on the same day as my brother's as we dont know when she was born :) This dog is so special to us and even the other pets respect her shes like there mum, we used to have a cat called Casper who was very ill with diabetes and Tye would always look after him, it sounds stupid but unless you have pets you will understand that, if any other cat would go after Casper tye would chase after them it was really sweet :)
She doesnt really like young kids but she just stays away from them :)
about a year ago we got our other dog Coco and she didnt like him at all at first but I do believe he has kept her young she still runs about even though its a struggle for her sometimes, but before we got Coco she would just sleep all day lol! She has grown to love him they sleep together in the day but she will tell him when she has had enough of him haha!

Yep shes a cool dog with her hoody on ;) hehe
Anyway i just wanted to share my gorgeous doggy with you all, I will be doing more posts about my pets in the near future as they are beautiful to me :)
I couldnt imagine life without Tye, I know she doesnt have that long left in her which saddens me massively but the time we have had and will have I will never forget, im going to stop now as im getting emotional (geek lol)
Please let me know if you have a special pet or pets in your life I would love to hear about them :)
Here is the link to Battersea dogs home:
But getting a pet is a HUGE commitment you really must think before getting one as they take up all your time but they make life alot better :) I know if im down a cuddle with one of them makes me feel loads better :)
Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed this post


  1. That is so cute! It's weird how animals act when you introduce a new pet into the home. Our cat was really moody when we first got our new kitty but now she'll lick her, which I never thought would happen!

  2. I know!!! its crazy isnt it i never thought they would ever get along as she had been an only dog for quite some time!!! its love to see :') glad your kitties are now getting on :) xoxo

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