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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mmm My Lovely Sweets I Won :P

I won another comp :D and this one isn't so good for the diet but oh so yummy :)
I won a large tub of sweetie's from Diesel Frog!! There was (i say was because they didn't last long lol) loads of sweets in there most of which i haven't had for YEARS since i was about 6 lol so bought back some childhood memories of when i used to go to the corner shop and get my penny sweets after school :)

Here's my jar of sweets i won, What i love the most about it other than all the yummy sweets inside is the fact that you can get the jar personalized!!! I got the Perfect Pink jar with 'Lucy's Sweets' written on the side :)
There really was some yummy treats in there some of which i ever so kindly gave to my mum and brother (im nice like that haha) there was Spaceships, Love Hearts, Palma Violets, Refresher bars (my fav) Fizzers, Love Heart Dip, Shrimps (i think that's what there called) Swizzle Lollies and loads more!!!!
They have other jars available and huge hampers with all sorts of sweets and treats, just take your pick!
Diesel Frog doesn't just do sweets they do pretty much everything you can think of, they are soon to be launching a pet section, Which im looking forward to as i have 3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs so i think they might be getting spoilt very soon ;)
They also do personalized children's books, Football gifts and even umbrella's :)
Here's the links you need to check Diesel Frog out

As i said there not so great for the diet but we all deserve a treat girls and this is perfect! also with Valentines coming up this website would be great for you to check out i really think you could find something for everyone :)
big kisses to you all and thank you for reading my blog