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Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Few Questions I Have To Answer ;)

So my gorgeous friend Theodora who has THE best Blog ever << check it out her nail designs are AMAZING! Has tagged me in this blog thingy where u have to answer 11 questions given to you by another blogger
The Rules :
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
- Answer the questions the tagger set to you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag!
- You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on your post.
- Go to their blog and tell them you have tagged them.
- You legitimately have to tag 11 people. No tag backs!

But this confuses me to much haha so im just going to answer the questions she has set for me :) 
so here it is.......
Q1)  What are your other hobbies, besides nail polish and doing your nails?
A.I love doing make up designs and i LOVE animals i have 3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs they keep me very busy :) 
Q2) What is your favorite nail polish color?
A. Erm i really love Pink the brighter the better! love neon pink :) 
Q3) What or who started your nail polish addiction/ obsession ?
A. Wow i really dont know, for aslong as i can remember i have loved nail polish, even when i was a little girl i remember having a barbie pink nail polish which i LOVED :)
Q4) What nail polish trend do you love/hate ?
A. I love the crackle polishes the reason i love them so much is because i like having different nails to just a single polish but sometimes dont have the time to mess about with the nail art pens so putting a layer of crackle polish on makes them stand out and its so quick and simple to do! I dont really have a hate :/ love all sorts of nails :)
Q5) Do you also paint the nails of others, like friends/family ?
A. Yep, Always do my mums and get alot of people asking me to do there's for them too :)
Q6) Where do you buy most of your nail polish ?
A. mostly in there sale, i have got loads of Models Own polishes for about £2 instead of £5 and BarryM :)
Q7)  Stamping or freehand Nail Art - what's your favorite ?
A. I have never used stamping before on my nails so as much as i think they look great and alot better than freehand i like doing it freehand as theres alot more effort that goes into each nail :)
Q8)  Would you ever give up your entire collection of nail polish ?
A. NOOOOOOOO unless it was a life and death situation then i would have to think about it ;) haha 
Q9) Where would you like to live ? And why ?
A. I would have to say either America in a really small town were everyone knows each other :D or Thailand as most of my friends are from there and i love the culture, food and beauty of the place :)
Q10) What's your best feature ?
A. Dont really have one :/ if i had to choose id say my hair as its really soft and takes to different colours really well :)
Q11)  What's your biggest dream ?
A. To one day be happy... 

Hope you have enjoyed reading the questions and answers DEFO check out her blog page! You wont regret it shes truly talented and such a sweetheart :)
Also please feel free to answer the questions on your own blog or in the comments below id love to hear from you:)
stay beautiful guys


  1. Wow you sure have a lot of animals! That's so cool :D And I completely agree with you: Crackles are awesome! Great post sweetie and thank you so much for your sweet words! <3 xoxo

  2. Your more than welcome my lovely :) its all true honestly think you have the best nail designs iv seen your sooo talented :) mwah xxxxxx

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  4. aww thank you lovely girly :) im following your blog now :) mwah xxxx

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  7. lovely post and blog!