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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What Country Are You From?!

I always look at my stats and i find it CRAZY some of the places people are looking at my blog from :D
i have friends from Thailand so that doesn't surprise me to much but places like Brazil, Pakistan, Russia and Belgium it just amazes me!!!
Id love more followers from all these amazing different exotic places because id love to hear your views on things  also if you have a blog please send me the link so i can follow you :)
There's so much make up around from all over the world its nice to be able to hear about it from the people that matter (the customers, not the company) ;)
When i do actually manage to go on holiday i always bring back a different kind of nail polish or lip gloss just to try them out and some of them have proven better than top brands over here although they were only like 2 euro's :)
anyway just a little post here to say thanks to everyone who has viewed my blog were ever you are

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