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Thursday, 9 February 2012


I love doing my nails it instantly makes me feel better about myself, i hate having no polish on its quite depressing lol
Thats part of the reason i prefer having false nails because polish looks soooooo much better on long nails, some may beg to differ but it really does in my opinion :)
its easier to do designs on them aswel AND the polish last soooo much longer with acrylics!
but i have had to say goodbye to my false nails as there destroying my natural nails :( They are in such bad condition and they wont grow properly either which makes me sad :'(
i just wanted to share with you a few of my fav nails that i have done so here we go....
This is my black and pink glitter nails i LOVE them! The best thing to do when you use glitter is paint the nail with the colour of the glitter your using and before it dries sprinkle the glitter dust over the nail, put a piece of paper underneath so that it catches the excess glitter then you can put it back in the pot (waste not want not haha) once all the nails are done apply a top coat, i must admit i find the glitter isnt so sparkly once i put a top coat on but it does make them last longer! :)
This is a full glitter nail, i love it but as i said before love them more on long nails look so much nicer! Full red looks stunning too :)
I have featured these nails before in my blog (I think lol) i just love them there soooo girly and have a cute little twist to them with the Dalmatian print! i used models own polish here and models own black nail art pen for the patches :)
I just adore these nails, they are MUCH pinker in real life and most people who have seen this pic want me to do them on there nails!! They really stand out and you cant see from the picture but there is also glitter on them for added girlyness lol :)

I really like doing a statement nail and this one has to be my fav statement nails i have done, the brown is a models own colour and its one of my fav polishes! I love the length of my nails here not to long not to short, there quite an elegant length i think :P
These last ones i did not long ago i love this gold glitter its really sparkly and i think it looks FAB on the tips of my nails!
I have over 30 different glitter pots and i love them so much most people who get there nails done by me ask for glitter as u just cant beat them! I got most of them from Ebay 30 pots for £7!!!!! such a bargain!
If your into nails then i recommend you try using glitters as i always get complements on my nails when i have them on, I only use glitter on my toes now as they last months!!!!!! I actually have trouble removing the glitter after a month to re do them thats how durable they are :)
Anyway thanks for reading lovelies
Take care


  1. aww Thank u huni :) I love doing them :) mwah xoxo

  2. There all beautiful and so pretty, I really like the pink glitterey one, which is weird because pink isn't my colour LOL :) very creative x


  3. so pretty:)

    Following you:)
    It would be so nice, if you follow me back:)

  4. Love the pink glitter nails! Can't believe you got 30 for £7 on Ebay, what a bargain!


  5. Thanks girls :) and i know i couldnt resist getting them all for that price :) xoxo

  6. The full pink glitter nails are just to die for! <3<3 Theyre amazing :D